Video: This is how the OnePlus One fits beneath the Sony Xperia Z1

Before they launched the OPO, OnePlus posted the above photo of their “Flagship Killer” claiming that the 5.5-inch device sits under a 5-inch Sony Xperia phone, keep reading to see the video.

In all honesty the 5-inch Sony Xperia Z1 isn’t the smallest of 5-inch phones in the world, but still the claim that a 5.5-inch device can fit beneath it had many tech enthusiasts amazed! It all hit the fan though when the official dimensions of the OPO were announced stating the phone was in fact larger than the Z1

OnePlus One beneath a Sony Xperia Z1

So as you can see, and by now probably know, the OPO does almost fit beneath the Z1 in width but not length. Some fans of the start-up have taken the news well, while others aren’t at all pleased.

What is your take on all of this? Is the size really a problem or should we be more concerned about how those invitations are going to be distributed?

[ OnePlus ]
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