How to root the Xiaomi MiTV

Xiaomi MiTV have been testing the Xiaomi TV, a low cost Android smart TV, for a few weeks now and have managed to get ROOT access on the machine. Here is how to ROOT the Xiaomi MiTV.

The Xiaomi MiTV is an Android smart TV running a customised version of Android and as such with a little bit of searching around can be easily rooted allowing the user ROOT access. As the Xiaomi MiTV is only officially available in China all of the how to instructions to ROOT it are in Chinese, however I have put together an easy how to in English you can follow below.

Step one is to download a Xiaomi MiTV Root package from the link below;

NOTE: When using this my Anti Virus program showed the package as a virus. I’ve ran it without issue but please not that you should use the Root at your own risk. Also please be aware that rooting your device will void your warranty.

How to Root the Xiaomi MiTV

To complete the process we need a Windows PC with adb and fastboot installed (if you don’t have it, you can install this easy pack), your TV connected to your LAN and also the PC connected to the same network. Once you have the TV connected, you will need to note the IP address, you will need it later.

STEP 1: Enable ADB

Xiaomi MiTV

In the main screen of the launcher go to the first optionof the small icons, the one with the gear.

Xiaomi MiTV

After this, we will need to go to the last option, the shield with the star. We will see 3 different options in Chinese, but the middle one you can read “ADB”, this is what we need, we need to change the option (using left and right on the remote) to change the settings as below:

Xiaomi MiTV

I found that you need to switch off and on to re-start the ADB server, so, even if the option is already correct, I recommned to you to change and back to force re-start it.

STEP 2: Launch program

Uncompress, and then execute the application “Root-Xiaomi-MiTV.exe”, a blue screen will appear and you will not understand anything as shows only symbols, but the application is asking for the IP of your TV (the one you noted in the beginning). Once you write it, press enter and if fails, you will see this:


If everything goes well, you will see something like:


STEP 3: Switch off and test

If everything goes well, we can now switch off the TV and on again. Go to ADB again and switch off and on again (maybe is not necessary, but I recommend it).

Now in the PC we can execute “cmd.exe” to open msdos and then you can write:

Go to the folder where adb was installed

adb connect (Change the IP for your MiTV IP. If everything is OK we will see “connected to…”)

adb shell (we will Android  “prompt”)

su (If everything is OK, we will see again the # without any error)


Xiaomi MiTV

Xiaomi MiTV root

Xiaomi MiTV

At the moment, this is a simple howto to get root on the Smart TV, we will continue working with the device and we will inform you about the progress. Thanks to Powerplanetonline for the Xiaomi MiTV and to Navaja Team to help.

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