Breaking! Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro a flagship killer with 2K display, Snapdragon...

Breaking! Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro a flagship killer with 2K display, Snapdragon 801 and more

lenovo vibe z2 pro

Vivo and Oppo have already joined the next generation race with Snapdragon 801 devices with 2K displays and now Lenovo are next to join the ranks with the Lenovo Vibe Z2

Lenovo have been working on boosting their mobile phone departments for a few years now and we have already seen impressive mobiles from the company.

Excitingly Lenovo have managed to keep their next generation Lenovo Vibe Z2 a secret during development and away from tipsters, a lesson they could teach to HTC, so have taken us all by surprise.

lenovo vibe z2 pro

Whoever was in charge of developing the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro really haven’t spared and expense and really packed the new phone full of amazing hardware. Flagship features of the Z2 Pro include a 6-inch 2K 2560 x 1440 resolution display, slim 7.7mm alloy body, Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.5Ghz and 16 mega-pixel camera with OIS.

Despite the thin 7.7mm alloy body, it is reported that Lenovo have managed to give the Vibe Z2 Pro NFC and even a 4000mAh battery.

lenovo vibe z2 pro

Lenovo haven’t officially launched the Vibe Z2 yet, but the details appear to be confirmed and so a launch cannot be far away! What do you think of Lenovo’s latest?

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  • JAni Guazon

    it will always be a question of how much to persuade customers to buy a new phone..consumers are now can always put the greatest techs in a phone but it wont sell if the consumers wont have the purchasing power to buy it and there are “greater options”..

    • iANDROID8.1

      try selling it for $200 everyone will buy it xD nah just kidding well it would be better if they could

  • snifer


    • Mitu

      The Snapdragon 801 supports dual sim so maybe but other flagships form Lenovo like the K900 also didn’t have dual sim because dual sim is seen as typical feature for Chinese budget phones.
      Why for HTC a lesson to learn? Sometimes photos are leaked intentionally to see the public react to the design and possible specifications.

      • mfmx

        Vibe Z in China is Snapdragon 800 and Dual-SIM.

    • pavel

      I think yes…check the photo of home screen…it shows SIM text twice

  • $2548414

    Within a coupl of months these will be becoming routine hardware specs. For lots of phones. But to be success this phone will have to have some USP ..Unique Selling Point.. wonder what that is ?

    • Xiaolu

      Don’t let me like that man! … So? What is it?

    • iANDROID8.1

      3 possible USP, imho


      • TheOracle

        Exactly. It’s most likely going to cost @ $500 unlocked and that’s a massive usp when compared to the competition selling at over $700 unlocked. Plus it’s 4g and probably full active dual sim. The S5 with those specs is @ $900! I have the Vibe Z and it’s fantastic value for money. I would have preferred an upgrade of the vibe z to include an sd slot and the 4,000 mah battery. 6 inches of 2k screen with that battery and processing power will give it only average battery life. Besides 6 inches is just too big for me and I have huge hands.

        • iANDROID8.1

          you might consider LG G3 as well 😉

  • The reason many people didn’t even look at the original Vibe Z was the lack of an expansion slot. If they include more than 16GB internal storage or even better put a microSD expansion slot in it they might have a winner.

    • Suhardi Sonata

      True. That’s why I cancelled my plan to use vibe z.

    • Andrew P

      No, just using Lenovo phone is something like put your head into microwave oven. Their SAR are incredible big according to other, more reliable phones..

      • desponent

        That’s like the 10001th thing most people look into when buying phone, yes it’s sad but I don’t think it’s far from the truth also.

      • mfmx

        Why do you spread FUD and lies? There are regulations which all phones must comply with, so the only “microwave owens” are in your mind.

        Galaxy S5: SAR (EU) 0.56 W/kg (head) 0.41 W/kg (body)

        Lenovo S920 SAR (EU) 0.571 W/kg (head) 0.337 W/kg (body)

        • Andrew P

          It’s not about Lenovo S920. For example it’s about Vibe Z, which is 1.5W(it’s a maximum in Europe). If not about Vibe series, I saw other Lenovo phones with 2W/kg overall..

          • mfmx

            According to CNIRP (the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), which has created the SAR limits: “All mobile
            phones below 2 W/kg are _equally safe_”. So ALL Chinese mobile phones are safe (China has implemented CNIRP SAR limits).

            They also say that you can’t compare two models based on the SAR value and think that the one with a lower SAR value gives less RF exposure.

            You can learn more here:

          • mfmx

            Since my other comment didn’t pass the filter for some unknown reason: just let me say that you interpret the SAR rating totally wrong:
            All phones that pass the allowed SAR rating are _equally_ and totally safe. You can also not compare the SAR rating of two phones and say that one is safer than the other.
            All according to the scientific organization that defined the SAR limits.

  • Jack

    I wait for the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Mini Mini.

    • werewolfc

      You mean Lenovo Vibe Z2 Nano? 😀

  • iANDROID8.1

    “Flagship killer” you gotta be kidding me xD

  • The last time I took a good look at a Lenovo phone was the Intel-based K900. It was a nice piece of hardware, but what was remarkable (in a negative way) was the extreme effort Lenovo put into stripping out EVERY Google app and service and blocking any attempts to sideload any “Googleness” back into their phone.

    They had made the K900 COMPLETELY Google-hostile. And they locked it up so tight that nobody wanted to even try developing for it. I can’t understand why they did this, the Chinese Government doesn’t “require” it, and they spent an enormous amount of manpower to “ruin” the OS. It doesn’t make any sense.

    I don’t know if they’ve been continuing this tradition, but if so, they there is NOTHING they could do to make the Vibe Z2 worth buying at any price.

    • desponent

      Not possible even with CWM Gapps install?

    • I never tried the K900, but the Vibe Z I had was also not so friendly with Google stuff. Not as bad as your experience with the K900, but still a pain. Nice phone, but it needs to play nice with all the Google apps to be considered a threat to other phones in its class.

      • mfmx

        The China only version needs to play nice with google apps? No it doesn’t.
        However, you’re wrong in the particular facts, the latest stable VibeUI 1.5 for Vibe Z plays nice with Google Play and all google apps.

        • Glad to hear it works better with the latest VibeUI. I can’t speak for that version because I sold mine a while back. I’m not against the phone at all, I really liked while I had it. But the fact is on the ROM I had it didn’t play nice. Google+ wasn’t even compatible with the phone. Good on Lenovo for actually fixing the issue.

          • mfmx

            Don’t blame Lenovo because your seller gave you a bad ROM. I know that the earlier stable versions had the effect described in the first post (Google apps were automatically removed) but they published DEV versions which always worked fine with Google Apps, so it wasn’t even a problem back then.
            Now I run the latest stable version and it didn’t remove google apps, so it seems they don’t even do it anymore.

  • Lotfius

    Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo … Wait for it …………..big !!

  • izagel

    Any news ?
    Waiting to get a new phone , the oneplus or this lenovo