Update: 5 stores you can buy the OnePlus One without invitation

Update: 5 stores you can buy the OnePlus One without invitation

oneplus one hands on

Thousands of fans are still awaiting a OnePlus One invitation, but there is another way to buy the 2014 flagship killer! Here are 4 5 stores you can buy the OnePlus One without invitation.

The 4 5 stores we are listing have been included either because we know they are based in China with good contacts, have proven track record or have actually shown us physical proof they have had the OnePlus One in stock (although by the time many of you read this I guess those stock to have been depleted).

Important: before buying the OnePlus One from China

As we have reported before, OnePlus One phones in China are sold in batches through JD.com without invitation. This is a proven method for China and one which Huawei and Xiaomi have been using for years with success, it also means that there are many more OPO in China than there are elsewhere.

Before ordering the OnePlus One from China you will want to weigh up the pros and cons:


  • You don’t need an invitation.
  • The phone will be in your hands quicker than the international model
  • You will be the envy of your friends


  • The prices will likely be higher than the official retail price
  • The Chinese version of the OPO comes with ColorOS NOT CyanogenMod 11S, however you can install CM.
  • You might have issues with warranty turn around time.
  • So keep these points in mind before ordering.


lenteen oneplus one

Lenteen have 4 stores offering the OnePlus One 2014 flagship killer to customers in Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Like the other stores listed here, Lenteen are offering the OPO in Baby Skin white with 16GB memory with competitive pricing of just 294.99 Euro.


oneplus one oppomart

OppoMart are advertising stock of the 16GB Baby skin OnePlus One available to order now. Their price is $399.99, and the company also have a large range of OnePlus One phone covers and accessories to choose from too.

The product page for the OnePlus One lists the phone as in stock and available with DHL fast shipping.


oneplus one spemall

SPEmall have been offering Chinese phones to international phone fans for years and are racking up quite a good track record. The company is based in China and has a proven to be a reliable and fast source of other high demand devices from the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei.

Again it is the white 16GB that is in stock however the price is slightly lower at $397.99. They also have a pre-order button for the 64GB sandstone black model which will cost $447.99.


oneplus topreseller

Topresellerstore are based in Italy and provide long warranties and fast shipping to customers in Europe which should give you some peace of mind if you choose to order. Pricing for the 16GB white model is 312 Euros, while the 64GB model can also be pre-ordered however a price is not listed just yet.


flosmall oneplus one stock

Flosmall are a new site to us here at GizChina, but they have sent quite compelling proof that they do indeed have stock of the 16GB OnePlus One. Flosmall also offer DHL fast international shipping to all customers and even offer added shipping inurance.

Prcing for the 16GB OnePlus One is $416, but screenshots from the phone show that they already have Cyanogenmod 11S running on the phones so that will save a little messing around.

  • OnePlus One on Flosmall.

Will you be ordering a OnePlus One from China or Europe?

Do you intend to order the OnePlus One from China and avoid the wait for an invitation? Have you dealt with any of the companies above? Give us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

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  • JLordan

    when are the estimates for buying the OPO in a European store ? In Spain i.e. … Thanks

  • Alex
  • hed190

    JLordan *2, and Portugal too?

  • Marco Lancaster

    Congratulations One Plus that’s what you gain with stupid selling campaign. That thing makes sense in the start, but now almost 2 months after not selling the phone result in third sellers selling the phone and ruining the low price campaign.

    • Yury

      Low price campaign was only very MARKETING thing

    • THE opinion leader

      The phone that you can buy on this site, and all other have ColorOS and not cyanogenmod , in that way have no sense, is like buy an oopo find 7, if you want the one plus one with the cyanogenmod you can only wait the invite from ONE PLUS!

      • Sumit Bhardwaj

        You do not need to wait. Just send me mail at taurus.sumit at gmail. I will give it to you. 🙂

  • Barry

    SPEmall have been offering Chinese phones to international phone fans for years and are racking up quite a good track record.
    Reseller Ratings disagree

    • Kevin

      spelmall is a joke

  • Nahúm Pérez Mesa

    I know another site to buy them (Chigon Tecnology Alibaba Seller) is a serius seller 😉

  • luis cañas

    isnt that true that the chinese version has different bands and wont work outside china?

    • Tibor Lakatos

      No it is not true. All OPO HW is identical, just the OS is different. Or Im a lucky guy and got a “special” chinese OnePlus One which supports all frequencies here in Hungary. (Yes, 3G is working out of the box)

      • KU DE TA

        Hi, where did you order your OnePlus One from? Thx

  • crimsdings

    2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz; 3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz; 4G: FDD-LTE/TD-LTE

    3G WCDMA <- not working in europe

    • Zoealandy

      Anyway, 4G works~

    • Dan Katz

      Actually it does.
      Wcdma is the same as hspda and these are the frequencies.

    • THE opinion leader

      3G WCDMA work in Europe, the 4g not work

  • z1

    399$ plus shipping plus taxes – more than 500$
    For a phone with Chinese 3G frequencies and and tinkering to get the CM11 multilang?
    Thanks I will wait.

  • Robbie

    Also available at fastcardtech.com

  • wat

    Fuck OnePlus, I mean Oppo. This shit was always going to happen and they must have knew it. They’re never going to sell it directly internationally.

    • Fred

      Yeah, fully agree. With all the drama and bungling since the beginning.

      The only advantage of the phone is its price (that too, to some extent because the official price excludes taxes). It’s no great shakes except being a scaled down OPPO FInd 7.

      So much listening to their customers and building a phone based on their expectations.

      What a bunch of wankers!

    • Dan

      Supposedly mine is already on its way from the German warehouse. It was a long wait, but the lower price and warranty coverage is well worth it…

      • mukund ms

        Where did you ordered from??

  • cuios
  • mario

    Is oppomart safe to buy? i heard some people complaining about them…they got their mobiles with some parts missing (volume buttons,power buton etc…)

  • Gustavo

    Bought mine on raidfox.com, already received and 4G working. No extra taxes, no customs fees. 379 € tho. Comes with CM 11S installed on it, multi lang and all! so pretty happy !

  • spemall

    Oneplus One 16GB white Color Version in stock in Spemall .

  • Ioannis Stavrou

    Make it 6! I saw it on minideal

  • adri

    Hi there. I’ve just bought it from lenteen. 285€ (385$) with free shipping and coupon. Let’s see how long it will take to arrive…

  • hey Andi, add liaow.com to this list 🙂

  • THE opinion leader

    The phone that you can buy on this site, and all other have ColorOS and not cyanogenmod , in that way have no sense, is like buy an oopo find 7, if you want the one plus one with the cyanogenmod you can only wait the invite from ONE PLUS!!!

  • ronj999

    Hi I ordered mine from OPPO mart and you can see it clearly States cyanogenmod but when it arrived it China color os when I contacted the they said not to worry that I can change is well at 65yrs old changing a phones software is to bigger task. So I asked them again to send me the correct phone or take this phone back and refund me money back they mailed me back again saying the would post me a link on how to change os arrrg .could anyone tell me how step by step how to install the English cyanogenmod 11s please and make it like for dummies.

  • Mario
    • XXLMan

      Panda didn’t pay, so they won’t be listed here, fyi. lol

      • LOL, we have found loads of stores since this article and will be posting a new up to date list soon 😀

  • Ignacio Navarro de Corcuera

    I got mine on raidfox.com, Just received (8 days since I paid) and 4G works perfect!!. It has all the bands required to work in Europe. Best thing I didn’t´ pay any extra taxes and no customs fees. It has CM 11S Installed!!! The phone IS A BEAST!!! Only bad thing I could not get the black version, but the white one is very nice too!!


    Share ›

  • z2

    oppomart and lenteen offer the OnePlus One with cyanogenmod 11. If purchasing these, will these phones receive the OnePlus OTA updates, or will updates need to be done manually?

  • Dennis Johnston

    Just ordered a oneplusone from lenteen… Are these guys legit ?

    • That’s where I got my 16GB from

      • Dennis Johnston

        Yeah,just gotine today ,but haven’t had time to mess with it. Does it come with cm11s preinstalled?

  • AlfredJ

    I bought mine from estnext, they had a the limited edition bamboo case version. The specs show that it is the international version as well, based on the LTE http://estnext.com/store/index.php/smartphones/oneplus-one.html

  • Storm

    I read a lot of mixed reviews about Oppomart, but mostly negative.

  • valiz

    I bought a oneplus 16GB baby-skin version and 64GB sandstone black for my son, despite everything that is said on the internet for OnePlus.EU, Comes the company itself and denies all, making, with an awesome professionalism what knows the best, mission (sell and ship) safely original materials of OnePlus,

    for the European consumers and fans of this marvelous smartphone that similar to it, there is nothing in the market for mobile phones!

    Apple, (regarding iPhones) I am very sorry about it because after the visionary Steve Jobs company unfortunately for me was unable to find herself and I think it’s time to lose the lead by a very strong opponent, OnePlus One and soon Two…. (I used to be for many years, an iPhone user)

    Congratulations to OnePlus.EU !!!

    They sent the phone from the EU warehouse in a European Union country, in just three days. I highly recommend OnePlus.EU to anyone who wants to buy materials from there.

    I am very satisfied with my purchase. I will stay tuned there to purchase some more accessories.