500 OnePlus One invites up for grabs via the latest OnePlus campaign

Moments ago, OnePlus announced via their forums that the company would be giving out 500 invites for the OnePlus One via what they call the ‘OnePlus Race’.

Through each of the 5 days, OnePlus would be sending 100 invites to people who complete what they call ‘challenges’. All 100 invites will, naturally, go to people residing in one of the countries where the OnePlus will be available. The company is also enforcing a maximum of 1 invite per person, which does make sense.

OnePlus will post a new task/challenge each day, which you must complete in order to receive an invite. To make it difficult for hopefuls, the tasks will come at random times through the 5 days. The contest starts today and ends on the 16th, i.e., Monday.

Invite ‘winners’ will be announced at the end of the 5 days, that is, on Monday.

With OnePlus having sorted the software issues, things are starting to look clearer as to when patient fans can get their hands on a unit of the One.

Are you from one of the launch countries, and are you taking part in the competition? Let us know of your experience.

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