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BLUETTI, a global leader in clean energy storage industry, will debut its latest power stations, including EP600—the product of 2023, at IFA 2022 that will …

The day before yesterday, Meizu took to Weibo to release a poster without giving out many details. As said by Meizu, it will be an …

The Oppo R15 and R15 Plus media invite is here! The R15 series is no longer a speculation. The unveiling of the R15 series is …

The Honor 9 Lite will be unveiled on the 21st of December, as revealed by the press invite. Honor is all set to hold an …

meizu e launch invite

Is the E from Meizu a camera centric dual camera phone with Fuji’s input?

The OnePlus X will be invite free for 24 hours in India tomorrow.

OnePlus have announced right in the holiday season that the OnePlus 2 is now going to be invite-free forever. Along with a few more deals…

In a bid to make buying the ‘2016 flagship killer’ easier, OnePlus 2 invites will now be valid for a total of three days, tripling the validity duration.

oneplus 2 review

OnePlus has already seen a couple delays for its 2016 flagship killer OnePlus 2, which is why it’ll be offering the phone invite-free for one hour very soon.

oneplus 2 review

OnePlus 2 invites aren’t the easiest thing to get on earth, but according to the co-founder of the company, it will soon be a lot easier to get hold of one.

zuk z1 launch invite

ZUK will be holding two launch events this month and have sent out invitations to Chinese media that include a wooden music box.

oneplus 2 invites

A OnePlus fan has managed to hack the OnePlus 2 invite system to push himself closer to the top of the queue.

oneplus 2

Worried you might not be able to get the OnePlus 2 thanks to the invite system? Well, OnePlus wants to make sure you don’t feel that way.

The OnePlus One will no longer be an invite-only phone. Is this a part of a build up for the next OnePlus phone?

oneplus one no cyanogen branding

The OnePlus One will now be available invite-free once every week, in India.

After spending 9 months in the market, the OnePlus One will finally go on a weekly invite-free sale.

The OnePlus One seems to be in its final leg of the journey to India. OnePlus also started a competition to distribute the first 100 invites, about which you can read here.

oneplus one review

OnePlus One hopefuls, start rejoicing as the company has finally decided to do away with the controversial invite system.