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The competition is over and we have chosen a winner for our OnePlus One giveaway and for the 2 invites we had up for grabs earlier today!

oneplus one invite

Here is your chance to win a OnePlus One invite so you can get your hands on the OPO from the official store.

China’s OnePlus have launched the ‘OnePlus Race’ contest wherein fans have a chance to win one of the 500 invites up for grabs.

oneplus invite system

Want to donate some money for a good cause, get a OnePlus One and have fourteen friends that want a OnePlus One? Well, OnePlus might just have the promotion for your extremely specific needs.

oneplus one hands on

OnePlus have finally announced the criteria that they would be following to hand out invites for the 64GB OnePlus One.

oneplus one hands on

OnePlus today revealed a rough timeline as to when the One will be available to the public. By the looks of it, you might have to wait a bit.