SPEmall adds itself to the list of OnePlus One Chinese resellers

oneplus spemall

Spemall have stock of the 16GB baby skin white version of the OnePlus One available to order now for anyone not wanting to wait for an invite.

As European OnePlus customers wait for an additional 2 weeks for customs to let their phones be delivered, Chinese resellers are managing to cut in and offer the OnePlus One right now and without invitation!

Spemall are now offering the 16GB version of the OnePlus One, currently not available even from the official OnePlus store, with immediate shipping. Prices are higher than that of the official RRP but you should be able to get your hands-on the phone in only a matter of days rather than weeks/months.

16gb oneplus one spemall

Keep in mind though that this is the Chiense version of the OnePlus One and so ships with Color OS rather than Cyanogenmod and has different LTE bands than the International model.

For more details about the differences between the International and Chinese OnePlus one check out our article, and go to our in-depth OnePlus One LTE guide to see if the Chinese version will work for you.

[ SpeMall ]
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