No more Star N9500 sales on Ebay as device is banned after spyware report


E-commerce giant Ebay have banned the sale of Star N9500 Android smartphones after it was revealed the device had factory installed spyware.

In the past week it was discovered that the popular Star N9500 Android smartphone had been purposely pre-installed with a Trojan that can run in the back ground and not be detected by users. The spyware is able to retrieve personal security data, intercept phone calls, and even control the camera of the device.

The Star N9500 was on of the most popular phones of the year by Chinese firm Star, but now sales of the device have been banned and completely removed from E-commerce site Ebay.

Star have managed to become a popular choice for fans of low-cost Android smartphones around the world, however rarely managed to make headlines due to the fact that many of their devices were poor quality clones.

The Star N9500 happened to be a clone of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and could also mean similar S4 clones manufactured in the same factory as the N9500 are also infected.

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