Video: Meizu show Flyme 3.0 for the Nexus 5

flyme nexus 5

True to their word, Meizu have started to work on porting their Flyme ROM over to other devices. The first to officially get the Flyme treatment is the Google Nexus 5.

Chinese phone maker Meizu want to spread the word about their custome Android OS, Flyme, and so have started to build versions of the ROM for other popular makes and models of phones. Meizu only announced a few weeks ago their intentions, but already have released a video showing Flyme 3.0 running on the Google Nexus 5!

Watch Flyme 3.0 on the Google Nexus 5

Meizu haven’t released the ROM for download yet as they are still working on perfecting the ROM, but they have asked fans to suggest other Android phones that they would like a Flyme ROM ported to. If you have a suggestion head over to the official Meizu Facbook page and leave them a comment. [ Meizu ]

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