OnePlus Wooden Style Swap Covers available this month

oneplus wooden style swap

One of the features of the OnePlus One is it’s removable rear panel which can be replaced with a range of assorted ‘Style Swap’ covers. The most sought after covers include denim and wood options, the latter which are coming this month.

Posted as a simple teaser on the OnePlus Google+ page is the above images pointing at the release of wooden style swap covers for the OnePlus One on 22nd July. The fact that OnePlus chose this date hardly strikes us a conincidence as this also happens to be the time that Xiaomi are rumoured to be launching the next generation Xiaomi Mi4. A similar oddly timed Xiaomi launch for the Mini router was held during the Oneplus One debut earlier in the year.

As we found at the launch, the wooden OnePlus One style swap covers add thickness to the phone, but do look rather cool at the same time. At this point we don’t know how much the wooden covers will cost or which wood options will be availbale, but whatever they do launch isn’t going to really out shine the announcement of the next Xiaomi phone. Is it?

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