Purported Xiaomi Mi4 screenshot shows Android L, octacore and 4GB RAM!?

xiaomi mi4 specs leak

If something looks to good to be true then it generally is, so take the above alleged Xiaomi Mi4 screenshot with a spoonful of salt and wash it down with seawater.

22nd July is the date we will see the Xiaomi Mi4. Well that is what we think after Xiaomi released this teaser showing a simple ‘4’ on a brushed metal background. The ‘4’ obviously stands for Mi4 and likely also 4G LTE, but could it also stand for 4GB RAM?

This screenshot was sent in to us from an unknown source who says it comes from the next Xioami phone. As we can see this is the MIUI info screen which gives important details about the device. In this case the information states the phone is the Xiaomi Mi4, the Android version is Android L, the processor is an octacore 2.6Ghz unit and there is 4GB RAM on board.

Now we know that Xiaomi have a history of making amazing phones for the prices they sell them for, but the specs listed here just seem a little unlikely.

What are your opinions on this leak? Do you think the purported Xiaomi Mi4 hardware is too good to be true, or do you think this is legit?

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