Cyanogen Remove CM11S download preventing easy install to Chinese OnePlus One

cyanogenmod chinese oneplus one

If you are looking to install CyanogenMod CM11S on your Chinese bought OnePlus One running Color OS then things have gotten a lot more difficult as the official download link has been removed.

With fans fed up with OnePlus, their marketing and the invite system, many have decided to just buy the OnePlus One directly from China. Buying from China means that fans of the phone can get the device in only a few days, but also means they will get ColorOS installed instead of CyanogenMod CM11S. No problem as their is an easy fix to this, well at least there was!

Interest and ease of availability of the Chinese OnePlus one means bad new for the global product. Now measures are being put in place to discourage customers heading down the Chinese route.

Cyanogen the developers behind CyanogenMod have done their part to prevent OnePlus fans getting CM11S on their Chinese OnePlus One phones by removing the download link which is needed for a quick and simple install of the CM11S ROM on the Chinese OnePlus One. The only download links left are the fastboot download (which isn’t a simple install) and a debuggable.img file.

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So if you are looking to install CM11S on your Chinese OnePlus One now you can either hope that someones else has the file to share, that the Chinese reseller you buy it from has a copy, or that Cyanogen have a change of heart.

The guy’s on the OnePlus Reddit discovered that the URL is still live just hidden:

  1. Right click the fastboot link.
  2. Copy link address.
  3. Paste in search bar.
  4. Delete “-fastboot” from link.
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