Huawei hoping to dampen 22nd July Xiaomi launch

huawei ascend p7 million

Huawei are looking to dampen the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4 this money by releasing a product of its own on the same day.

We have seen a popular trend this year between Chinese phone makers to launch products on the same day as their rivals to try and upset things. For example, during the OnePlus One launch earlier in the year, Xiaomi released their new range of routers and TV smart box.

The trend continues and now Xioami are the company that are being targeted. Already OnePlus have announced that they will release their Wooden Style Swap covers on the 22nd July, and now Huawei could be launching something new at the same time as the Xiaomi Mi4 launch.

So just what do Huawei hope to release that could steel attention away from the latest flagship Xiaomi? Whatever it is had better be more interesting that optional covers! Currently we are not sure what they are up to, but as some have suggested, a Huawei Honor tablet or phablet could be possible and would like shake things up further against the Xiaomi Redmi Note and Mi Pad.

What do you think Huawei are planning for the 22nd July?

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