Boom! First MT6595 flagship from Alcatel has killer specs! HTC M8 Killer?

alcatel onetouch d820

This could finally be it! With quality of Chinese phones on the up and now the awesome MT6595 from Mediatek almost hear, we could be seeing Chinese flagships that blow away anything global players have to offer! Case in point the Alcatel One Touch D820!

Alcatel, aka TCL here in China, has been selling Mediatek powered device in Europe and the States for years. Overall their devices, which are rebadged TCL handsets, have been some of the best looking and beautifully crafted to come out of China with an MTK processor for some time.

What has always been lacking though is a really killer SoC, and that’s finally be been fixed now thanks to the new Mediatek MT6595. So with design and build to die for and the latest MT6595 what are Alcatel capable of? The Alcatel One Touch D820 is what!

Specifications of the Alcatel One Touch D820 read like a smartphone fan’s wet dream. The MT6595 processor which is a big.LITTLE configuration is clouded at just under 2.0Ghz, and is running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat with the aid of 3GB RAM.

The MT6595 also bring LTE to the phone (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE,HSPA+,TD-SCDMA, GSM and we assume WCDMA) and has a 2560 x 1440 2K display measuring just 4.6-inch! That’s a pixel density of 638ppi! This could all point at the specs behind the amazing 47,000 points we have seen previously!

mediatek MT6595 launch

The only real downer of the hardware is the 7 mega-pixel front and rear cameras, unless there is some sort of ultra-pixel set up going on that is!

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For now we remain unsure if this is an actual production model, or if TCL/Alcatel are just playing with their options. If the specification and size are anything to go by though the D820 is turning in to quite the HTC M8 killer!

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