Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L02) spotted with 4GB RAM

Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L02) spotted with 4GB RAM

huawei honor 6 4gb ram

Huawei are set to have a big day today with a device launch, one that could be an updated version of the Huawei Honor 6 with 4GB RAM!

Spotted at the Chinese Ministry of Equipped Certification, or TENAA, this version of the Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L02) is a slightly updated model when compared to the phones we have already seen.

According to the specifications, the largest change is the amount on RAM that the phone is carrying! If the TENAA details are accurate this model gets 4GB RAM! Obviously, Huawei have been quiet about the leak so we cannot tell for sure if the leak is the real thing or another mistake by the good folks at TENAA.

Clicking through the rest of the hardware the phone has an 8 mega-pixel front camera , 13 mega-pixel rear,1.7Ghz Kirin 920 processor, 16GB memory, Android 4.4.2 and a 1920 x 1080 resolution display. There is also space of an SD card slot, and LTE too.

Full details can be seen over on the TENAA website.

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  • POY

    I just don’t do anything on my phone that uses much ram. I have 2gb on mine and never use anything near even 50%. Good for people who use it as a fully blown workstation or play games though.

  • rajnish kumar

    When will the Xiaomi Launch event take place today?

    • Jack

      Will there be a live stream?

  • If its a 64-bit processer then 4gb ram is needed or else 3gb is more than enough.

  • Zami

    I think it’s just a fake rumour . Because another source say Huawei will launch a budget phone actually . Check the link :

    • Faux-News

      Huawei is releasing a number of products. The budget phone one among them.

      • Zami

        Then it will be great to see the first 4GB RAM phone . It’s just wait and watch .

  • balcobomber25

    I can’t ever imagine needing that much RAM on my phone. I’m sure there are some who do but it would be a waste of money to me.

  • eliHd

    Huawei should concentrate on camera pic quality on their semi budget phones rather than putting 4gb ram.