OnePlus One coming to India, but how soon?

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OnePlus One, the revelation that took the tech community by storm even before its inception might well be on its way to India.

Although OnePlus have talked about an Indian release in the past, what they said this time round sounds much more convincing. Here’s what OnePlus had to say in a forum post:

“It’s safe to say that we’re interested in India. Being such a young company, we also know that India is a huge challenge. We’re all about creating a great user experience from end to end. We understand that there are lots to learn, consider and set up before we can officially launch in this vast country.

“What we could have done was keep everything quiet, and then surprise you guys further down the line when everything was ready. We then thought, why not do it together with our Indian fans? In the end, our success or failure will depend on how well we manage to please our fans. So why not start building this relationship right now?”

Writing’s on the wall, OnePlus fans in India. While there’s no timeline included in the statement, it shouldn’t take OnePlus too long if they actually wish to foray into the insanely competitive Indian market; recent examples such as ASUS, Xiaomi, Motorola and even Jolla come to mind, of manufacturers which have successfully made a mark without having prior existence and/or infrastructure in the country.

OnePlus have promised to be transparent with the progress on this front, which is certainly a good thing. Given the demand that the OnePlus One has seen (I’ve been asked for an invite like a million and one times) in the country, we really hope it doesn’t take them long.

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With invites rolling out thick and fast, many of the ‘fans’ have changed their minds about their opinion of OnePlus. This baby step could prove to be a game changer!

Thanks to Utkal for the tip!

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