Xiaomi Mi4 early benchmarks

xiaomi mi4 antutu leaked

If you were hoping for a 40,000 point beast with the Xiaomi Mi4, then you might be in for a little surprise as benchmarks show slightly lower scores.

Xiaomi’s newest phone is very much a device made to look and feel good while keeping up with current flagships. Xiaomi really didn’t really need to prove anything with the Mi4, the Mi3 was already one of the most powerful phones of the last generation, and this time around they have switched their focus.

Still the Mi4 is no slouch with a preliminary Antutu score of 37,156. That’s considerably less than many would hope for, and is almost 10,000 points of the pace of the latest Mediatek MT6595 chipset. Part of the lower score is probably due to the score coming from a test machine, and partly due to it coming form a phone running MIUI V5. MIUI V6 has been announced for August 16th, and could possibly boost performance to higher levels.

With all said and done though, 37,000 is still a respectable figure and really more than enough for anyone.

Are you surprised by the Xiaomi Mi4 Antutu scores? Are these acceptable for a next generation flagship phone?

[ Gizchina.it ]
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