Exclusive! KingSing to launch $99 Windows Tablet!

kingsing w8 tablet

We first met KingSing here on GizChina when they released a handful of low-end Android smartphone, however they are now reaching for a piece of the Windows Tablet market share with one of the first $99 Windows tablets!

Now that Microsoft have removed licensing fees from devices of a certain size we are going to see plenty of Chinese manufacturers branching off in to the market. Currently the Android market is saturated with phones and tablets, where as the Windows market is open to anyone who gets there first.

KingSing hope to be one of the first and one of the most affordable with their first tablet, a Windows device costing just $99!

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The KingSing W8 is a Windows 8 tablet with running Microsoft’s OS on an 8-inch 1200 x 800 display with an quad-core Intel Baytrail processor humming away at 1.8Ghz. Also are cameras (2-5mp depending on the model), micro SD card slot and an array of ports including USB and HDMI.

Giving themselves a budget of $99 for their retail price hasn’t given KingSing much room to manoeuvre so there is just 1GB RAM on board and WIFI. Still if you are looking for a Windows tablet on the cheap, also with HDMI there is the versatility to convert the little tablet to an affordable PC.

Launch details are expected to be released within the month.

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  1. Brooklyn701
    July 23, 2014

    Actually not too bad. I wouldn’t mind having one of those as addition to my Home PC/Laptop. The Laptops a 17″ with which I game and go to friends for a gaming weekend. But when sitting in front of the TV or in the Bed with my Girl I don’t want to get the Laptop all the time. So this thing would basically do the job.