KingSing take a crack at LG with their LG G3 clone

kingsing s2 lgg3 clone

KingSing, a manufacturer who started life as a low-cost phone maker, are fast becoming a clone maker that could rival even GooPhone!

KingSing have gone from producing mini version’s of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, to taking pot shots of some of the smartphone industries finest! They already have an Oppo knock-off on their books, and now an LG G3 clone waiting to launch.

The KingSing S2, is takes cloning back to its roots. There are no little modifications or changes, this is a full on replica of the flagship LG down to the rear mounted volume controls. If copying the design wasn’t enough, KingSing have even taken LG’s “Life’s Good”slogan and changed to “For Happy Life”.

KingSing haven’t released any details of the S2 on their official website yet, but the exclusive images they sent over to us note highlight features including 1.6mm screen bezels, heart rate monitor, quad-core processor, eye tracking, and Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Looking over the previous range of KingSing phones we can expect a Mediatek powered phone with 5.5-inch 720p display, dual SIM support etc. If the MT6582 chip is used we could also possibly see LTE enabled with a piggyback Mediatek modem, but this is highly unlikely.

Once KingSing release more details we will be sure to post them.

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