Xiaomi Mi4 sheds NFC as only 1% of people used it! do you agree?

xiaomi mi4 rear removal

In a recent interview about the Xiaomi Mi4, Lei Jun explained that his company chose to remove NFC from the new phone as people didn’t use it!

When the Xiaomi Mi4 launched people were surprised by the use of better materials, the new design and some of the features. But, those with a keen eye were surprised to learn the new Xiaomi flagship lacks NFC!

NFC, Near Field Communication, is a contactless means of your smartphone to send information to another device without the need to pair or sync the devices. NFC can be used at the home using NFC tags that are programmed to set your phone in a certain profile e.g a tag next your bed could place your phone on silent. The technology can also be used to make payments and even share data between devices.

NFC is one of those technologies which we should all be using on a daily basis as it can make small tasks simple, however many of us hardly use it. I personally have never used NFC other than in review situations, and my current phone, the Vivo Xshot doesn’t even have the feature.

The Xioami Mi4 also lacks NFC, a decision Lei Jun says was made as only 1% of customers of the Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi2A actually used the feature.

Do you agree that NFC isn’t used as much as it could be? Would lack of NFC prevent you from buying a new device? Let us know below.

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