Xiaomi Mi4 sheds NFC as only 1% of people used it! do...

Xiaomi Mi4 sheds NFC as only 1% of people used it! do you agree?

xiaomi mi4 rear removal

In a recent interview about the Xiaomi Mi4, Lei Jun explained that his company chose to remove NFC from the new phone as people didn’t use it!

When the Xiaomi Mi4 launched people were surprised by the use of better materials, the new design and some of the features. But, those with a keen eye were surprised to learn the new Xiaomi flagship lacks NFC!

NFC, Near Field Communication, is a contactless means of your smartphone to send information to another device without the need to pair or sync the devices. NFC can be used at the home using NFC tags that are programmed to set your phone in a certain profile e.g a tag next your bed could place your phone on silent. The technology can also be used to make payments and even share data between devices.

NFC is one of those technologies which we should all be using on a daily basis as it can make small tasks simple, however many of us hardly use it. I personally have never used NFC other than in review situations, and my current phone, the Vivo Xshot doesn’t even have the feature.

The Xioami Mi4 also lacks NFC, a decision Lei Jun says was made as only 1% of customers of the Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi2A actually used the feature.

Do you agree that NFC isn’t used as much as it could be? Would lack of NFC prevent you from buying a new device? Let us know below.

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  • SuperDope

    gimmicky shit, good riddance… now lessen the price of the mi4. LOL

  • Danny H.

    I use it frequently to read the data on my travel card with the MI 2A, very useful feature in my opinion. Too bad it’s not available on mi4. I hope it got implemented in a later version of MI 4.

  • rajnish kumar

    Good Call. Very sheldom i use this NFC feature.Getting rid extra baggages which is not popularly used is nyc call.

  • Bastiaans

    This way all those different back covers will be very cheap tot buy 😉

  • JoepVK

    NFC chips are like what? $1? I use it alot to connect to a bluetooth speaker and bluetooth headphones that have NFC built-in. No NFC means I wont buy it.

    • antidumb

      i use bluetooth to connect to wi-speaker/headset
      nfc is useless for sharing data inter-brand. i can’t share data from lg to lumia and sony and other way around too, data appear as random code such this >> i7nfb5rtesc$$$$%

      ir blaster more useful though to add to every future phone.

  • joe

    I would rather they implement optical image stabilisation and laser focus like the lg g3.

  • Jay

    I wouldn’t use NFC at all. Instead, the Infrared blaster in Mi4 is of great value as it can be used as a universal remote control.

    And the OnePlus One missed the IR boat.

  • Rob

    My current phone has it but I’ve never even tried it, just a bit gimmicky in my opinion. Maybe in a few years as it becomes more mainstream it will be a useful feature to have, but at the moment I don’t know anyone who has/uses it. Maybe Xiaomi should’ve done 2 version, 1 with and 1 without!! lol

  • Adam Irvine

    I think NFC should be present really… I’m a proud OnePlus One owner and although I don’t use NFC a silly amount, I do use it and I believe that in the future (next 6months(ish)) there will proably be more uses for it on a day to day basis, Xiaomi aren’t really ‘futureproofing’ their Mi4 by not putting NFC in it…

  • nobitakun

    If it means down the price that is welcome!!

  • jauling

    please provide URL to interview

  • True_Neutral

    The thing is that there’s rumors the iPhone 6 will finally include NFC. And knowing how much Xiaomi loves to copy Apple, they are going to be kicking themselves when that finally pans out… And soon Mi4 adopters will also be shooting themselves when Xiaomi releases a Mi4 NFC edition. Heh.

  • yudhir

    All NFC needs is a push from apple.

    • RRRobert

      Funny that you mention this. If I recall correctly, Apple was directly involved in an earlier stage of the development of the NFC chip, by NXP (former Phillips Semiconductor, in the Netherlands). And as the development turn to the test stage, Apple stepped out of the program, as NXP was only willing to continue when future availability to a wide range of phone makers was ensured, where Apple was aiming to introduce it as an iPhone-exclusive feature.

      Latest of what I read on a Dutch Tech-blog though, is that Apple will offer NFC functionality on its soon to be expected iPhone 6…

      • yudhir

        It will be more restrictive I beleive!! or not . Like their bluetooth

  • BotondKisKovacs

    They finally screwed up, I will not buy a phone without NFC. That chip is so cheap that it does not affect the price of the device. They finally started implementing contactless payment terminals in my country so I could use it for payment. They are finally including NFC in periferic devices for easy connection instead hacking the bluetooth settings for minutes before you can connect. I was planning to buy the Mi WIFI as well, the router that has NFC for easy connection… This was a very bad move for someone like me who likes to take advantage of new technologies.
    I had a debit card for 15 years, online banking for 5 years, I had a PayPal account for 7 years, I use online shopping since I have my card and most of my friends still don’t have/use any of those things yet. Does that mean that those technologies should be thrown away? Just because the average user is technophobic or uninformed does not mean we have to weed out technologies that are just starting to catch on.

  • Honzys1983

    Well.. IR blaster is cool.. But I got my TV on wifi.. So not a big difference.. Actually.. I have to say I am very dissapointed with Xiaomi. So far I am happy MI2 user but it’s time for upgrade. I already needed to change my tab and I was really looking forward for Mipad.. But Xiaomi thinks I dont need SIM support.. Unfortunately I do. SO I needed to look elsewhere. And now the NFC in MI4???? Jeeze.. NFC is a standard in flagship phones… I thought Xiaomi is a progresive manufactor.. Now it really sounds like Apple.. Before I didnt care if somebody talks about “copy” design issues or about “one more thing” presentation.. But what I do care that Lei Jun start to talk what users use and need.. Isnt Android and MIUI about the possibilty to choose?????? Thats why we like it.. Thats why we buy it… So the absence NFC is a big mistake if you have a plan to expand to global matkets… Even me.. Now I need to reconsider if I’ll go for MI4… It’s a lovely phone.. But….

  • mfmx

    China Mobile will soon require that phone manufacturers support NFC on their “top models” in addition to TD-LTE, WCDMA (yes even though China Mobile themselves don’t have WCDMA) and some other requirements I don’t remember.

    So Xiaomi may shoot themselves in the foot here…

  • Rad

    NFC is basically useless.

    Good riddance – one less chip to pay for, one less source of hardware problems, one less device that draws power constantly.

    IMO, we should just use Bluetooth LE. Not that that’s a terribly popular technology either, but at least it has range and less security problems.

    • Honzys1983

      Personaly.. I don’t like to use bluetooth.. It’s out of date and not comfortable way to pair two phones. for example.. if I want to send couple of photos to my gf (we share baby photos often :D) it’s faster to send it via viber then bluetooth.. Thats one of the reasons I was really looking forward for the NFC..

  • zedge


    • K-kun

      Er… what? What good are NFC tags for if you don’t have a NFC chip in the phone to read them…?

    • Mihai Badea

      I see you have no ideea what NFC is

  • ramdroid

    another iphone-like move by xiaomi…. wait till apple support nfc and xiaomi will do the same,

  • Tajwar

    Never needed NFC don’t care

  • Sharu

    I need NFC or else i won’t buy

  • Nicolas Godart

    NFC is a must. I was planning to replace my MI2A with a MI4, but this is really making me looking some other models…And manufacturers

  • Ng Kai Teck

    My phone has nfc and i use it frequently. But i wouldnt mind not having nfc. Coz whether or not, you must unlock your phone to use nfc. I can easily make a shortcut on my homescreen and connect to my bluetooth speakers.

  • John Russell

    I use NFC to connect to my medical sensor and a DSLR, so it’s a showstopper.

  • yaniv

    no way!! I need nfc so I can charge my bus car buy phone..

    NFC should be in every phone.. its so disapoined.. so great phone without nfc function so it’s hard for me to buy it 🙁

    at other hand, there are mi 5 which has nfc, but have low and weak battery.. again disapointed.. if mi 5 was have >=4000 maH, I would buy it..