Spy: First real photos of the Wico C1 LG G3 wannabe

Spy: First real photos of the Wico C1 LG G3 wannabe

wico c1 lg g3 clone

Our sources have sent us more details, including real photos of the Wico C1! Just how thin are those bezels!

Chinese phone maker Wico have taken to the LG G3 design like duck to water and are recreating the flagship Korean phone as their own Mediatek device. We had already posted details of the Wico C1 last week where it was revealed that the phone had ultra-slim bezels, well according to renders at least! What about real photos?

These spy photos were sent this morning and confirm that the Wico C1 does in fact have ultra-thin bezels as promised, but also looks a lot more LG G3 than we had anticipated. The C1 even has the volume rockers located on the rear of the device.

It has also been revealed that two version of the Wico C1 will be launched. The base model will receive a quad-core MT6582 processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB memory and a flagship model with octac-core MT6592, 2GB RAM and 16GB memory. Both phones will have a 5 mega-pixel front, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 5.5-inch HD display. Wico also tell us that 4G LTE versions of the C1 are also in development.

What do you think of the Wico C1, is this a phone you are interested in seeing reviewed in the future?

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  • Evgenij Nebotov

    yes,with decent battery life and 6595 i would bite.

  • joe

    Finally a company understand what the people want, a phone with thin bezels. I hope they include optical image stabilisation and the laser focus on the phone like he lg g3. Also the back cover looks hideous make it brushed metel or wood. Other phone companies should strive to make bezels even thinner than this.

  • Adam Irvine

    Wow, this is one to watch if the price is right 😉 Would love to see this reviewed in the future Andi!? (the MTK6592 version anyway…)

  • Victor


  • George G

    Besides the leather like back cover phone seems fine.If it ships with good specs its worth buying.

  • deep zpain

    I think there was a prototype working long back in may itself.

  • Jam

    Hi Andi,

    Why brand like LG, Samsung etc. can’t take legal action on duplication or design copy of chines company.!!?

    • balcobomber25

      Funny thing Goophone one of the most popular clone makers has actually tried suing Apple a few times claiming they released their clone first and Apple copied them.

      I would imagine for Samsung and LG it’s not worth the legal costs when this phone might only sell a few thousand units. In fact they could look at clone phones as free advertising for the real product, how many people buy a fake S4 only to realize it’s crap and end up buying the real thing?

  • amirexpressir

    I am more waiting for bungbungame wolf,but there is no news
    Hopefully this phone will come with higher battery capacity that 3000mAh

  • JohnCez

    LG G3 is a special phone in 2014, Big screen and nice hand-on. I bought a G3 case in CASECOCO.COM. If someone would like to get one, click this http://www.casecoco.com/personalized-cases-for-others/lg-g3-casecoco-cases-183

  • balcobomber25

    Never been a huge fan of clone phones, I like originality. If I want a G3 I will buy the real thing not a cheap imitation.