Onda v989 breaks Antutu record scores 55,527

Onda v989 breaks Antutu record scores 55,527


A few weeks ago we posted that the Onda V989 octacore tablet could achieve benchmarks of 48,000, well this has been proven untrue with an amazing new score of 55,527 points!

The Onda V989 is a 9.7-inch Android tablet which is similar in design and shape to the iPad Air. Rather than choose a Mediatek processor or Rockchips SoC for their device, Onda have gone down the Allwinner route with the octacore A80 running at 2.0Ghz, this with 2GB RAM is proving to be quite a powerful combination!

Even with a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, the Onda V989 achieves an amazing 55,527 points on Antutu in the video below! We have been told that this is a stock tablet that had just been unboxed

Onda V989 scores 55,577 in Antutu

The V989 can be bought for less than 200 Euros and offers Android 4.4 Kitkat, an 8000mAh battery and 4K video playback! Have you got one of these beast tablets? Can you confirm these Antutu claims?

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  • Come on.

    I don’t trust Antutu benchmarks and neither should anyone else. You know companies would be able to pay for artificially inflated benchmarks and devices would be able to manipulate the data as well….

    • Lerel Ashley

      The find 7 review and a few other phones they tested in reviews where lower in antutu cause when I bought a phone and my friend bought one our scores where higher. Then what was given in a video review. Find 7 for me and his was a find 7a? They don’t pay money for jut one app to give a score. And there’s more then 1 app that tests this too.

  • Raul

    It would be good to know with what firmware revision, because as far as I know, they go now for V3

  • Adam Irvine

    Can’t you do a review of this product please Andi!? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!????

  • Tom

    I bought this one from Tinydeal, now waiting on shipping. If you want to know it, please reply on my message. Can test it out in 4-7 days.

    • Tom

      I can write a review if needed 😉

      • joe

        DO IT!

        • Tom

          I placed the order today, im receiving it soon. Not all shops have it on stock, because this product is not everwhere released yet.

        • Tom

          My order is shipped today. From now it takes 5 days and i update the firmware and start making a review.

      • George G

        JUST DO IT!

    • Sakthi Ganesh

      DO it mate

      • Tom

        I will write an review.. I will post the link here.. Andi is that ok?

    • Tom

      Do not order at tinydeal, your own risk =) I canceled it, takes longer now with paypal claim.

  • Marko

    I was sure that I will buy Onda v975w, but now I don’t know what to do.
    I would really like to have Windows on a tablet, but Allwinner seems great.

  • Martines

    55527 Antutu seems like a fake to me …
    cause mtk6595 2,3GHz only get 44XXX
    Snapdragon 805 score allso not over 49XXX

    • Tom

      I can tell you, its a minimum score of 50000.. So faster than the 805.

  • Dave Mcpherson

    onda are well known for faking antutu benchmarks

  • Shrike

    This SoC scored 41k in Antutu using a developer board powered by the mains supply and with a heatsink and fan. Anything higher is a lie and if you really think that a budget chip maker is suddenly going to 40% faster than the best anyone else has to offer, then…

  • The Allwinner A80 is suppose to be a beast, and I would love to believe these scores but 55,527 seems a bit high.

  • Andrew Magpantay

    This result is from Antutu v5, see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAA_LaQqt1A#t=23, jump to 11:15 of the video, the benchmark shows 55774 and the app was Antutu v5, since it has that WoW Monster comment.

  • Riku A.

    Got mine today, bought it straight from onda-tablets.com. Awesome device I have to say!!!
    There is screenshot, to prove the result, amazing 🙂

  • Kumar Suresh

    The numbers are indeed are too high. Got mine through my regular trader on aliexpress. There has been some reports of this tablet being highly unstable. See
    Mike Cane’s blog at http://mikecanex.wordpress.com/

  • Guest

    The number from my tablet.

  • DD

    It’s damn cheating. Onda has modified gettimeofday in libc.so to report a wrong time. It tooks much more time than other pads to run the benchmark yet get a higher score.

  • whymoo

    iconsole tv has a higher score of 80,000

  • Topaz

    I recently learned that you can save money by buying it here. http://j.mp/1L6oti5