Open Thread: Are Xiaomi’s designs to close to knock offs for global markets?

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Xiaomi have already made steps in to certain countries, and have already made their global aspirations known, but before they do take on the world do they need to launch more unique products? Products that don’t take their inspiration from rival device makers!

China is where almost everything is made, and for every original product out here there are a 4 or 5 clones and knock-offs waiting in the ranks. Not every Chinese electronics maker copies, there are a few who do produce unique designs, Oppo, Vivo, Nubia, Huawei etc. Then there are the brands who make a living off cloning as fast as possible i.e GooPhone. The rest of the market is made up of phone makers who take inspiration from rivals, the degree of inspiration depends on the company.

Xiaomi fall in to this category, although their Redmi range is quite unique if not inspirational in design, the Xiaomi Mi2, Mi3, Mi4, mini router and Mi Pad all share their look and feel with other products already on the market. The Mi2 was labeled as a Meizu MX clone at launch, the Mi3 a Lumia wannabe, the Mi4 an iPhone clone, Mini router has the exact same design as the Apple Magic Trackpad and the Mi Pad is a fatter iPad mini.

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There is no denying that each product Xiaomi produced has been a very impressive piece of kit, and Xiaomi’s designers have been careful (mostly) to change the design of their products to stop them looking like all out clones, but is this enough?

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As Xiaomi’s audience continues to grow and the company looks to enter more advanced markets will Xiaomi need to change the look of their products? If, for example, Xiaomi were to enter the U.S today would customers be all over them for their low-price and high specifications, or would they treat them like a cheap knock off company?

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We want to know what you think. Can Xiaomi continue to borrow designs and ideas as they expand? Or do they needs some more originality?

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