DOOGEE DG850, aka OnePlus One clone, gets Hotknot support

doogee dg850

DOOGEE are straying a little close to the line with their newest phone. The DOOGEE DG850 looks a lot like a OnePlus One clone to us, but will Hotknot make up for that?

It’s always a concern when we see promising Chinese smartphone companies head down the knock off route. DOOGEE, have been doing well all year with their phones, but it seems the lure of producing a knock-off has proved too much!

The DG850 is a 5.5mm thick smartphone with a design very similar to the OnePlus One flagship phone. Like the OPO the display measures 5.5-inch, there is a quad-core processor on board, dual LED on the rear and Android 4.4 Kitkat on the inside.

It’s not comparable tech though, however there is one feature that the DOOGEE has that the OnePlus One could never get, and that is Hotknot. If you haven’t heard of HotKnot let us fill you in

HotKnot is basically Mediatek’s rival data transfer protocol to NFC. Rather than touching the rears of phones together though HotKnot requires the screen of each device to touch. It also seems that Hotknot can only share date with other Hotknot devices, limiting the new tech somewhat.

Back to the phone. DOOGEE have also given there OPO clone a 2500mAh battery, just 1GB RAM and an 8 mega-pixel rear camera so we should see pricing at around $160 internationally.

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