Hugo Barra says Android L is coming to devices and source codes will be released

Xiaomi head honcho Hugo Barra has been speaking with tech sites in India and has let slip some interesting details.

Indian tech site has conducted a rather in-depth interview with Hugo Barra about Xiaomi’s plans for India. The review is well worth a read and even gives a few hints at what Xiaomi have planned for all Mi phone users.

One question which was put forward was if Xiaomi were planning to roll out an Android L update to the Mi3, Redmi and other Xiaomi devices.

We don’t have a timeline for L at the moment. We don’t even have access to the codebase, no one does. But of course the plan is to bring it as soon as possible.

So we know that Xiaomi are planning to release Android L for their current devices, we just have to sit tight and wait for it to come along. In other news Barra has also confirmed that the Mi3 Kernel will be released soon, and an English version of the Mi Phone Manager app will be also making appearance for Windows machines.

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

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