The Jingston A555 looks like an overpriced Oppo Find 7 clone

jingston a555 oppo find 7 clone 2

What normally happens when you take a flagship phone design and fuse is with Mediatek guts is a low-cost clone. In this case though the Jingson A555 actually costs more than the phone it wants to impersonate!

As you can see from the photo, it is clear that the body of the A555 has been designed around the Oppo Find 7 phone, and why not? The Find 7 is one of the best looking phones on the market. It’s a shame then that the specifications and price don’t meed the exterior.

A 5.5-inch display might be the same size as the flagship Oppo’s, it’s even an OGS panel with lock screen gesture controls, but rather than 2K or even 1080 FHD resolution this piece of glass is just 720p.

Mediatek have been called in to supply an MT6592 octacore processor running at 2.0Ghz. Unfortunately though there is no LTE modem included, but there is 2GB RAM. Speaking of memory there is only 8GB internal memory but there is space for and SD card.

So what does the Jingston A555 offer for it to be priced at a whopping 3499 Yuan! (the same price as the 2K Oppo Find 7!)! Well from what we can see there is nothing very special unless the interpolated 16 mega-pixel main camera floats your boat!

jingston a555 oppo find 7 clone 2

In all honestly I simply don’t understand why anyone would buy this phone when the Find 7, Find 7a are available with much better hardware! Had this phone been 1500 Yuan or less then perhaps, but anyone spending 3499 Yuan needs to check in to the nearest hospital!

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