MIUI V6 announced here are all the details

miui v6 features

Today Xiaomi released their more up to date and advanced version of their MIUI ROM to date! Here are all the details of MIUI V6 from the Beijing launch.

It has been a long time coming, but finally Xiaomi have moved from the stuffy looking UI of MIUI V5 to a fresh new MIUI V6 with new look a ton of new features too!

MIUI V6 is all about the look

Going over notes from the launch and checking out the official MIUI V6 introduction website (here) it appears that the biggest update is the look of MIUI V6. Other additions are a new notifications system, faster UI and more cloud services, but as far as we can see (without actually testing the ROM), new features are limited to the following.

miui v6 features

MIUI V6 Desktop

The MIUI launcher is the biggest difference you will see in MIUI V6. Not only does it have an all new look, but it is also said to be faster and more convenient to use.

MIUI V6 Notifications

miui v6 notifications

Notifications are easier to read in MIUI V6. New messages, downloads and calls are all given a larger black notification bar at the top of the screen. The new notification system means that you have more flexibility when using V6. If for example a call comes through when taking a photo, only a small portion of the screen is taken up to tell you who is calling, you can still take your photo then answer the call right after.

miui v6 features

The lock screen also has a new shortcut to notifications. A simple number will tell you the number of messages you have and pressing on it will bring them up.

MIUI V6 Phone App

Having a huge user audience means that Xiaomi and it’s servers are able to collect a lot of useful information (if you allow them too) which can actually help us in our day to day lives.

miui v6 features

For example how often have you received a call from a strange number and simply ignore it? Well what if that was an important delivery from a known phone number to MIUI’s servers? Using the new cloud features in MIUI V6 now have a chance of being identified who is calling you even if you don’t have the contact stored in your account.

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Xiaomi say they have 60million phone numbers saved from businesses and services to help you identify who is calling. The feature extends to adding a degree of security to your calls to, preventing fraudsters from getting your personal information.

MIUI V6 new apps

Some apps have simply been given a fresh look and a few new features such as the Mail application, but other apps are new.

miui v6 features

MIUI Life tis a new app though that uses your location to find interesting places to visit and the best deal of food and movie tickets in your area.

miui v6 features

A new built in Yellow Pages app lets you get hold of important phone number quickly.

These apps could be great, but it seems they are only designed for use in China at the moment. Users outside of the country are going to have limited support.

More Themes

miui v6 features

Themes are still a big part of MIUI V6, so even if you don’t like the fresh new look you can still choose to download something else. According to Xiaomi there are now over 5000 unique themes available for MIUI.

Where Can I Download MIUI V6?

So the big question is where can you download MIUI V6 and use it on your Xiaomi device? The simply answer is that you cannot. As it stands Xiaomi are not prepared to release the new ROM to the public just yet, but they have just chosen 100 beta testers to put the ROM through it’s paces.

I’ve checked my Xiaomi device, and visited the official downloads pages and there is not V6 download listed, so I guess we either have to wait for a leak or the official release date.

What do you think of MIUI V6?

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