GooPhone N4 real photos, images of the first Galaxy Note 4 clone

goophone n4 samsung galaxy note 4 clone

Real photos of the GooPhone N4 have surfaced giving us the first clear look at what the knock-off Samsung Galaxy S4 will look like.

It is not uncommon for GooPhone to start to leak images of their knock off phones before the real devices actually go on sale,, what is remarkable though is that the Chinese clone makers seem to be getting their designs right most of the time. If GooPhone have continued on their winning streak then these photos not only show the GooPhone N4 for the first time, but also give us the first glimpse of how the next Samsung phablet will look in the flesh.

These leaked images show the GooPhone N4 even branded up as a real Samsung device, an act that is likely to get Samsung’s lawyers twitching right away. The body of the phone isn’t to different from the current Note 3 clones, but has a narrower frame all round.

Specifications of the phone state that it will be based on a Mediatek platform with LTE support, 2GB RAM, Android 4.4 Kitkat and a 5.7-inch 1080 display.

GooPhone N4 spy photos

Online stores are already taking pre-orders of the clone which will be available in the coming weeks!

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