Meizu MX4 launched! Becomes the world’s first MT6595 phone!

Meizu MX4 launched! Becomes the world’s first MT6595 phone!

meizu mx4 launch

Early today in Beijing, Meizu launched their next generation smartphone and to much surprise it is running the latest Mediatek MT6592 processor!

It was long rumoured that Meizu would be adopting a Mediatek chipset in one of their Android smartphones, but we were surpriesed today to find that the standard MX4 would be the phone to receive the chip! The use of a Mediatek chip is interesting too as it marks the start of a new look Meizu, one which we can expect more devices from before the end of the year, up to 4 device according to CEO and founder Jack Wong.

Back to today though and the Meizu MX4 which was prestendted today represents a lot of R&D and evolution from the premium Chinese phone maker. Stand out points of the MX4 include an all new 6061 T6 Aircraft grade aluminium frame which a 5.36-inch display is bonded too. Meizu pointed out that alloy is used instead of stainless steel as it allows the comapny to offer anodized colour options, reduces weight and allows the interior of the phone to be opened up more. Machining that alloy block down to the MX4’s dimensions of 75.2 x 144 x 7.9mm has meant that Meizu have been able to produce a phone only slight larger, and slightly thinner than the MX3, but with a larger display and bigger 3100mAh battery.


As mentioned above the 5.36-inch display (FHD) is bonded to the alloy frame. Meizu say that their process is more advanced than previously used by other companies and they are currently applying to patent the technology. The bond actually adds a 0.3mm shock absorbing buffer between the Gorilla Glass 3 panel and the frame helping to disperse shocks should you manage to drop the phone. Clever stuff!

The Mediatek MT6595 processor in the MX4 runs at 2.2Ghz with a big.LITTLE architechtore based on 4 x A7 and 4 x A17 cores. Meizu are using Core Pilot technology to run these cores and allow the SoC to seamlessly switch between the big and little cores for better performance and longer battery life. The increase in battery life is a claimed 30% over the MX3 with a reported performance gain of 75%!

As rumoured Sony have supplied the main camera on the MX4 and it’s an impressive piece of kit. 20.7 mega-pixels with a focus speed of 0.3 seconds. 4K video recording, 720p slow motion and all the usual camera features are included too. There is also a new dual tone, dual LED flash for improved low light performance.

Flyme 4.0 was also announced at the event today and gets a clean new look and more features. We have a review phone already and will post details of the new Meizu UI very soon however we did get to see a new beauty mode in the front camera, there is also a voice assistant (however we don’t know if it supports English), built in shopping apps, security features and even up to 40TB of free cloud memory. The exciting news is that Flyme 4 will come on the MX4, MX3 and MX2.

LTE, WCDMA, GSM, TD-SCDMA are all covered by the MX3 across 13 different frequencies (although which frequencies and bands we are not sure of yet), and Meizu promise the phone should be compatible with European carriers, good news as the phone is already up for pre-order on the official Meizumart website!

We only managed to see the black and white versions of the MX4 during the launch today in Beijing, however more colour options will be released including a white model with gold highlights, which actually looks quite good (as far as the renders show anyway).

The Chinese retail price starts from 1799 Yuan for the 16GB version, 1999 Yuan for 32GB, 64GB 2399 Yuan, while pricing for the International market will be slightly more.

The Meizu MX4 is open for pre-order in China and internationally. International customers can order the phone through the official website, and more specification and feature details can be found over on

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  • Fantomász

    the pre-sale site, as well as the site is not working…

    • konstantinos

      but MX4 is not online yet

    • Don Rogers

      I tried to submit order yesterday and sent an email stating that I could not select a quantity to put in basket reply is below, looks like you have to be quick even for a pre-order with no price specified.

      Dear Customer,
      Thanks for your attention closely.
      The quantity of preorders are finished this time.
      Please pay more attention to the next batch of new products.Thanks!
      [email protected]

      • Fantomász

        I had a lucky moment yesterday – I was able to preorder. As for me, it all depends on the price.

  • ufg

    looks fantastic! It’s impossible to pre-order in Australia apparently, though; their site is not working

    • han yuksel


  • Benny

    Is the battery user-replaceable? Thanks.

  • Dro

    where is the wolfson audio chip?

  • realjjj

    wonder what’s the price for international buyers , don’t wanna make an acc to find out.
    and i assume no microSD on this one either?

  • Herod2k

    It has a beautiful design but there are some elements that not convince me: Front Camera 2Mpx, Main Camera f2.2, no microSD, the processor is MTK but it is not dual sim…

    • desponent

      Yeah, it’s weak.

    • Joe Bert

      the lack of second sim it’s without a doubt the major problem of this phone and that’s why i’m not buying it

    • Jose Manuel

      The battery is not removable and it only has 3 4G bands: 800,2100 y 2600, it’s not enough for Europe. This mobile is a bad choice. Regards.

      • Herod2k

        Where did you read the frequencies?

        • Jose Manuel


          it’s a Spanish web but the information is reliable, an extract:

          “Para el 4G cuenta con las bandas 1800,2100 y 2600, por lo que también cubre un amplio espectro de las bandas 4G usadas en España (al menos hasta que llegue la banda 800 que están implantando ahora).”

          it’s easy to understand, regards.

          • Herod2k

            Hi Jose, I speak spanish and I have read the website, but I don’t know how they can have this information.

  ,, and anybody of these important chinese website specify the frequencies of the mobile phone (jd put every existent frequencies). I’m not sure that can be reliable about it.

  • Sere83

    As i’ve said many times meizu industrial and software design is some of the best in the industry no questions. The design is stunning. However I am a bit worried about the CPU choice. To date I have still not seen any mediatek phone where the GPS performance was excellent or on par with any qualcomm phone, this could be a real thorn in the side of the MX4. Additionally MTK’s track record of android version upgrades is again less than stellar, will this get android L and what about the version after? At this stage its unclear and MTK aren’t exactly forthcoming with information. OIS is also missing from the camera which seems a real shame given what looks like an decent sensor, but again f2.2 aparture questionable too given what xiaomi and others are bringing to the table (f1.8 etc). I was also disappointed to see meizu not attempting to compete in the low/mid range category. A redmi 1s rival but with a smarter design and better camera really would have put the cat amongst the pigeons.

    • Manuel Lorenz

      I think Meizu really tested the GPS, because you know they also didn’t like MTK before. Seems like the MTK6595 impressed Meizu and really can get a awesome Performance. Also the Camera will be very good i believe. I had a Vivo Xplay 3S with F1,8 and CMM tested the Xiaomi MI4 with F1,8, anyway the Cameras were not so good as the MX3 Camera. So i think we need to wait and shouldn’t create too much thoughts before we don’t had the phone in our hands yet.

      And we should not compare the MTK6595 with older Mediatek CPUs because this is the first Highend CPU by them. I think it is much better than many of you expect.

      • Sere83

        Yes the PowerVR GPU is very promising, but GPS has always been a real problem for Mediatek so I hope it does not suffer the same problems.

        • Jay

          Fully agree. I have a Qualcomm 801 (OPO) phone now and have had a Mediatek phone earlier. Trust me, Qualcomm beats the shit out of Mediatek! The GPS performance is no way comparable between the two. Am not too sure about Mediatek’s current iteration. It’s a company I don’t trust given their nefarious reputation for violating GPL.

          • summerofgeorge

            Why do you people keep saying GPS? it’s GPU. And Meizu chose a CUSTOM 6595, not the normal 6595, that has a 4 core G6200, instead of the normal 2 core G6200

  • Flux

    Any informations about the MX4 Pro Version?

    • Flux

      … and last year they where talking about a MX3 128GB. What about a 128GB Version for the MX4?

      • alex

        MX4 pro will launch in November, with more better spec

        • Hoàng Vững

          Will November is too late :D.

  • ro.edi

    guys wait some more time for other mt6595 devices to appear !
    don’t rush into meizu for now it might be the 1’st mt6595 phone available but for sure a bit later U are going to feel sorry that U didn’t wait some more time.
    it is not apple to be one device, only.
    the devices with mt6595 must include FUNCTIONS and NOT ONLY SPEED !
    also for a more complete intel check here for comparing:

  • balcobomber25

    I am very very happy with my Nubia Z7 but wow this phone looks beautiful and sounds impressive. Might have to buy a second phone for “business”….

    • patouki

      i want to buy a Z7, where can i buy it?

  • Βαγγώνης Σαμαρέλος

    I like very much this choice of SoC! MT6595 is a real beast in front of 801 which is too expensive and scores lower on benchmarks. I believe that MT has lower consumption too!

  • DC

    Not showing full specs and price for international also cannot preorder???

  • Mo

    Will flyme 4.0 be available in English??

    • English, Spainish, Italian, German and others 😀

  • iKosh

    Wow. Meizu is the boss. I was hoping they reveal all four devices. There should be a new MX3, a Redmi killer and another version of the MX4.
    Flyme 4.0 for MX2. Then I’m going to buy an MX2 this week.

  • Fantomász

    Pre-order worked now for me, i preordered one 16gb version. Price is still unknown though.

  • TheOracle

    Great looking phone with awesome specs. If there was a dual sim version I’d buy one immediately. Well done Meizu.

  • Girondinho

    Andi, could you please tell us if it support the WCDMA 90MHz band?

    • Girondinho

      I would say “WCDMA 900MHz band”, of course 😉

      • realjjj

        Some store was listing GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz

        and ofc i assume a couple of TD bands but unclear if this is accurate.

        • Girondinho

          I saw that but Gsmarena don’t list 900MHz WCDMA, that’s why I need a clarification.

  • yudhir

    Remove that protective cover on mx4 and i will read this article!! 😛

  • LUIS

    Andi, por favor, cuando tengas todas las especificaciones del MEIZU MX4 PRO, ¿ podrias colgar una comparativa con el XIOAMI MI4 64G MIUI V6 LTE 4G ?. Gracias. Saludos.

    • Jaykay

      Write in english thanks.

      • Danny

        Learn Spanish, thanks!

        • Adam Kováč

          I hate those phrases like “learn spanish”. On the international web, everyone should speak in worldwide international language of the developed culture – english.

          • Danny

            What? I think you just had a heart attack. use google translate.

            • Jose Manuel

              Luis I am Spanish like you, but in a web in English you should use English language, for example you request Andi a review of 2 mobiles. I think Andi can not speak all the languages of the people who watch this web. Regards.

        • Anonymous

          If you speak spanish, then you don’t have to speak it on websites where everybody speaks english.
          I speak spanish but I talk English on sites where the newscommitters speak english.

  • bobo

    No Ubuntu!

  • Abir

    Meizu are betting big on Mediatek if they are launching their flagship on their SOC. Hope for their sake its performs well, not just pushing out benchmark score but performs consistently well in day to day tasks. Mediatek has had issues with GPS, heating and inconsistent performance. But the biggest gripe with Mediatek would the lack of android updates on phones that run their SOC’s, hope that changes. I have no doubt Meizu have made a good phone but a lot depends on the processing package. Also tho I pretty much hate custom UI’s I am liking the look of new Flyme.

    • njren

      This is not the “flagship” MX4. This is the phone Meizu had to build to compete at a critical price point. There will be a more expensive MX4 (Exynos) before the end of the year. I predict there will also be a stripped down version of this MTK phone to go straight at Xiaomi.

  • Meizu Mx4 is available on Oppomart, only $299

    • Don Rogers

      Sorry just checked oppomart the price for “Meizu MX4-Presale is $399.00 “

  • Don Rogers

    Tried to do the presell order yesterday at 5:00PM all sold out, any idea when the next batch will be released and at what price

  • Smartines

    NICE Phone, I like the front and hate the back side. looks cheap for me.
    But God Damn where is a DUALSIM Function???

    Is the nubia Z7 the only Flagship with DualSim till now ???

    Still waiting for a MT6595 Phone with DualSim, 4K Recording and h.265 Codec

  • jugg

    Top APP tiene cobertura, puede prescindir de la instalación, el sistema todavía Introducción pequeña fresca, la interfaz de usuario cambia poco, añadir un montón de características útiles