IUNI U3 finally goes on sale in China, 2k, 3GB, 801 for $320

iuni u3 launched in china

The IUNI U3 has finally been released to buy in China, and is already being snapped up by eager Chinese smartphone fans

The IUNI U3, is the 2nd phone from Chinese smartphone and ROM maker IUNI, and continues the companies short tradition of releasing flagship devices at a low price. IUNI have gone for the 1999 Yuan price point for both the U2 and now the U3, but when compared to Xiaomi’s latest phone the newcomer is a whole lot more attractive.

IUNI have upped the size of the U3 to 5.5-inch and given the resolution a boost to full 2K, however the phone is still nice and compact with a narrow and short body. Compared to the OnePlus one the phone is more compact, although thicker, and it is only a hair larger than the 5.36-inch Meizu MX4.

In China the 1999 Yuan price tag gets you a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, LTE, and even dual SIM support. IUNI OS has also been recently updated to offer English as well as Chinese, suggesting an international push is imminent.

IUNI U3 photos

International buyers hoping to get their hands on an IUNI U3 are reminded to check the bands and network support in your country to ensure 3G will work. Current versions of the U3 are only designed for China Mobile 4G LTE.

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