5 reasons why we can’t wait to review the Nubia Z7 mini

Of all the phones from China this year, it is the Nubia Z7 range that has generated the most requests for us to review! So why is this China only ZTE phone such hot property? And why do so many readers want us to review this phone?

It really doesn’t take a smartphone professional to workout why the Nubia Z7 range, and especially the Nubia Z7 mini have become such an in demand piece of kit, but let’s just narrow it down to just 5 main points.

Nubia Z7 mini size

Not everyone wants a 5.5-inch + phone, but this is a matter that Chinese smartphone makers, and international phone makers, are tending to ignore. While last year most flagships were around 5-inch in size, this year has seen display sizes averaging 5.5-inch and up.

For fans of smaller phones it leaves little to choose from, but thankfully the Nubia Z7 mini is one of the better options and happens to have a 5-inch 1080p panel.

LTE and dual SIM

Although I am only just feeling the need for a dual SIM phone myself, other users have long been asking for a flagship dual SIM device. Sure dual sim phones have been available for a while, but nothing with a flagship processor from Qualcomm.

The Nubia Z7 mini, max and the flagship Z7, all get a Qualcomm processor and dual-SIM allowing you to have both your work and social numbers in one phone. More still the Z7 also boasts LTE too!

Micro SD card reader

nubia z7 mini 5

Even at a time when phone memory is on the up and cloud services are cheaper than ever, it is still extremely handy to simply slip an SD card in to your phone and extend the memory. Usually this isn’t offered as making a phone with more built-in memory is an easy way for large profits for phone makers. The Nubia Z7 mini, though, does have one!

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Rear camera and camera app

Not having actually test one for ourselves (yet) we can’t confirm these reports, but Chinese tech sites, and lucky customers who have tested the Nubia Z7 mini and max tell us the rear camera on the Z7 is one of the best on the market. Not only that, but the built in Camera App on the Nubia OS is a feature packed offering that would please even the most professional photographer/

Nubia Z7 mini price

In China the price of the Nubia Z7 mini is well below 2000 Yuan! Impressive considering it offers the same size and resolution display and powerful Snapdragon 801 CPU as the Xiaomi Mi4, but with the added benefit of dual SIM, LTE and micro SD card reader.

nubia z7 mini

Affordable Chinese smartphones don’t always translate in to affordable international phones though. Tax, shipping and reseller profits tend to take their toll, but the Nubia Z7 mini can still be found online for as low as $339 with shipping! Edit you can save $5 with the code: gizchina.

When will we finally review the Nubia Z7 ?

We have been trying to source a Nubia Z7 mini to review for a while now, but still not able to secure one! However we have been speaking to sources today who are going to try and send over a Nubia Z7 max for us to test soon! As soon as we get confirmation we will let you know.

Is the Nubia Z7 mini the type of phone you would like to own, or are you more a fan of the Meizu MX4, OnePlus One or other phones?

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