Zopo ZP999 full specifications, launching in 32 countries!

zopo zp999

Zopo’s first MT6595 equipped phone, the Zopo ZP999, will be simultaneously in China and select countries. Is the latest Zopo enough to worry the Meizu MX4? Lets take a look at the details.

Although not officially listed on their website, the Zopo ZP999 has been teased on social media platforms, and press releases including the full specifications of the phone are already doing the rounds.

We have a feeling that Zopo are a little upset as the launch of their new phone draws near. Last year they were the first company to work with Mediatek to release an octacore MT6592 phone, the ZP998, but this year they were snubbed by Mediatek in favour for Meizu. With this in mind it is no surprise that the first social media posting about the new Zopo was a head to head comparison with the Meizu MX4.

Zopo ZP999

If the Zopo ZP999 looks familiar, it is because Zopo have performed their old trick of taking their flagship phone and relaunching it as a flagship device with updated hardware. Physically the Zopo ZP999 is the same as the previous Zopo ZP998, and personally this doesn’t bother me much as this is by far the best body Zopo have ever made!

zopo zp999

A few of the features of the ZP998 have been carried over to the ZP999 such as the 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, 14 mega-pixel F2.0 main camera and 5 mega-pixel front camera.

Performance should see a huge boost in the Zopo ZP999 as the old octacore MT6592 processor has been stripped out and replaced with the latest MT6595 chipset. The new SoC is still an octacore design but uses big.LITTLE architecture to switch between cores for the best balance of performance and battery life. The MT6595 is also faster than before at 2.2Ghz and there is up to 3GB RAM available.

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zopo zp999

The MT6595 also has a faster GPU, a PowerVR G6200 running at 600mhz. As we have seen from benchmarks in the Meizu MX4, this doesn’t give the same sort of gaming performance as an Adrendo 330 on the Snadpragon 801, but it does offer the best performance of any Mediatek phone to date, and still enough for smooth gaming and video.

While researching the Zopo ZP999 we have discovered that there will be a ‘Standard’ and ‘Pro’ version of the phone. The specification details above are for the ‘Pro’, the ‘Standard’ version will have a slower MT6592M processor, 2GB RAM and a 720HD display. It also appears that this cheaper version of the phone only has support for TD-LTE 4G networks.

Zopo ZP999 full specifications

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Zopo ZP999 launch details and pricing

Zopo have announced that the Zopo ZP999 will be released simultaneously in 32 countries including China, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Netherlands. We are still waiting for the full list of countries and exactly how customers internationally will be expected to buy the phone.

Pricing for China is 1999 Yuan, which is 200 Yuan more than the Meizu phone, however it is the international price that we care about and Zopo are likely to sell the ZP999 for $399.99, less than the Meizu.

What do you make of the latest Zopo ZP999? Have you had previous experience with Zopo phones? Would you buy this over the Meizu MX4? Let us know in the comments below.

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