Zopo ZP999 full specifications, launching in 32 countries!

Zopo ZP999 full specifications, launching in 32 countries!

zopo zp999

Zopo’s first MT6595 equipped phone, the Zopo ZP999, will be simultaneously in China and select countries. Is the latest Zopo enough to worry the Meizu MX4? Lets take a look at the details.

Although not officially listed on their website, the Zopo ZP999 has been teased on social media platforms, and press releases including the full specifications of the phone are already doing the rounds.

We have a feeling that Zopo are a little upset as the launch of their new phone draws near. Last year they were the first company to work with Mediatek to release an octacore MT6592 phone, the ZP998, but this year they were snubbed by Mediatek in favour for Meizu. With this in mind it is no surprise that the first social media posting about the new Zopo was a head to head comparison with the Meizu MX4.

Zopo ZP999

If the Zopo ZP999 looks familiar, it is because Zopo have performed their old trick of taking their flagship phone and relaunching it as a flagship device with updated hardware. Physically the Zopo ZP999 is the same as the previous Zopo ZP998, and personally this doesn’t bother me much as this is by far the best body Zopo have ever made!

zopo zp999

A few of the features of the ZP998 have been carried over to the ZP999 such as the 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, 14 mega-pixel F2.0 main camera and 5 mega-pixel front camera.

Performance should see a huge boost in the Zopo ZP999 as the old octacore MT6592 processor has been stripped out and replaced with the latest MT6595 chipset. The new SoC is still an octacore design but uses big.LITTLE architecture to switch between cores for the best balance of performance and battery life. The MT6595 is also faster than before at 2.2Ghz and there is up to 3GB RAM available.

zopo zp999

The MT6595 also has a faster GPU, a PowerVR G6200 running at 600mhz. As we have seen from benchmarks in the Meizu MX4, this doesn’t give the same sort of gaming performance as an Adrendo 330 on the Snadpragon 801, but it does offer the best performance of any Mediatek phone to date, and still enough for smooth gaming and video.

While researching the Zopo ZP999 we have discovered that there will be a ‘Standard’ and ‘Pro’ version of the phone. The specification details above are for the ‘Pro’, the ‘Standard’ version will have a slower MT6592M processor, 2GB RAM and a 720HD display. It also appears that this cheaper version of the phone only has support for TD-LTE 4G networks.

Zopo ZP999 full specifications

Zopo ZP999 StandardZopo ZP999 Pro
Resolution1280 x 7201920 x 1080
ProcessorMediatek MT6595M2.2Ghz Mediatek MT6595
Rear Camera14 mega-pixel
14 mega-pixel
Front Camera5 mega-pixel5 mega-pixel
TD-LTE2600 (B38), TD-LTE2300 (B40), TD-LTE1900 (B39)
3GN/A3G WCDMA 900/2100MHz
Dimensions151.6x 76.3 x 9.2mm151.6x 76.3 x 9.2mm
Android VersionAndroid 4.4.2Android 4.4.2
PriceN/AChina 1999 Yuan

Zopo ZP999 launch details and pricing

Zopo have announced that the Zopo ZP999 will be released simultaneously in 32 countries including China, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Netherlands. We are still waiting for the full list of countries and exactly how customers internationally will be expected to buy the phone.

Pricing for China is 1999 Yuan, which is 200 Yuan more than the Meizu phone, however it is the international price that we care about and Zopo are likely to sell the ZP999 for $399.99, less than the Meizu.

What do you make of the latest Zopo ZP999? Have you had previous experience with Zopo phones? Would you buy this over the Meizu MX4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Andy

    If it has expandable storage, i might try it out.

    • SheyMo

      should be dualsim with aditonal sd slot

  • Adrian

    Better to by a high quality midrange in other top brand than this seemingly high end Zopo which refuses to input more 3g bands than just 2. Also screen is large for battery despite claims.

  • Mihnea Perianu

    I had a Zopo C2 Platinum and build quality was great. I may try it out if price drops. Atm I’m on Redmi Note and it has all I need.

  • Kaleem Kawoon

    I’d rather keep my THL 5000. It is rugged, reliable, with a big battery: more than twice the Zopo. So far, it has played any game I have thrown at it very well. The camera is quite good too. Decent sound and speakers, fantastic GPS, good radios, in short alls good and no flaws.

    • Manos

      Thanks for the small review! I’m thinking this phone for the big battery but I have see that some people say that it have some problems… I’m waiting also for a better price because 240€ is way too many for this phone

      • Markus

        I just ordered one. I have heard varying stories about the GPS and that worries me. I use GPS alot since I don’t have a unit in my car. The camera issue was fixed with a modded app. Only other complaint I have heard (from one person) is the screen colours are washed out. Battery life is key for me so I hope the phone works out.
        It’s tough to find real user reviews on these phones in general. I hope THL comes out with 6595 version but will be too late for me…
        I had an LG G3 and it had autoshutdown issues that were hardware related. You can get a dud even from the big korean phones.

  • Kaleem Kawoon

    Oh and it is at least USD 100 cheaper too :).

  • pa5t1s

    Seems interesting, will check price tho…

  • David

    Why should I buy this (I had ZP998 and quality is sh*t) when I can have OnePlus One for $50 less?

    • highwind

      Dual Sim > Single Sim
      MT6595 > Snapdragon 800
      Android 4.4 > buggy tinker OS
      And the built quality cant be worse than OPO…

      • OPO

        ”MT6595>snapdragon 800” Fail, the OPO has the s801 not the 800 and the s801 is much faster on gpu side than the mtk 6595(Factor 2!!). You could better say Snapdragon 801> mtk 6595 🙂

        How long has the zopo updates? Oh shorter then 2 years, the OPO is first launch of Oneplus and my Oneplus hasn’t lots of bugs anymore.

        Builtquality is much better, send my sources who says that the OPO lacks of builtquality…

        • pa5t1s

          I can’t say about MTK6595 vs Snapdragon s801, but benchmarks around will for sure… Anyway, I own a ZP998 and a OPO and I def prefer my OnePlus: best overall.
          The worst thing about Zopo is sytem update/OTA; OPO did better so far.
          And CyanogenMod isn’t as buggy as told above. Furthermore, there’s a real community around it and I do appreciate that, better than Zopo’ forum (full of spams)

        • highwind

          “2x GPU power” for immature teenagers playing disgusting 3D games on their phones?… Jeah, I definitely need that!

          I dont know how long Zopo has updates (I dont own a Zopo phone and probably never will)… I prefer firmwares that dont need to be updated every 2-4 weeks because they are working as intended from the very beginning and not some kind of buggy tinker bullshit where the paying customer is treated as beta-tester.

          If you want links do a Google search… besides the obvious fanboy spam praise there are mainly issues with
          – yellow tint displays
          – bad speak/call quality
          – exploding battery
          – very low quality covers/cases (original OPO, not 3rd party)

    • balcobomber25

      If you can actually buy an OPO for $50 less it is a better phone in most regards. Unless you have an invite though good luck finding it for that price.

    • Lakis

      dual sim

  • Marc Vanhemelryck

    Look interesting ! Is it still double SIM ?

  • Don Rogers

    What FDD-LTE bands are supported on the pro version? if the meizu MX4 had band 20 800mhz I would buy that instead. What I am really waiting for is a decent Jiayu 4G phone any news on that?

    • Tony starks

      Look into the Elephone p3000s that will be releassed in a few weeks
      Lte 800 and dual sim

      • Don Rogers

        Yes I looked into the Elephone p3000s but it has an old mtk6592 with poor GPS performance. On this blog and lots of other web-sites the improvement of the GPS on the mtk6595 is worth waiting for.

      • balcobomber25

        Elephone has a horrible reputation right now for poor build quality.

  • highwind

    USB 3.0?
    Or did they do the same mistake as Meizu?

  • nik geo

    For a good price i’ll ulgrade from zp998 to zp999 because 998 has gps problems which i never managed to overcome. Other than that very few problems overall. I’ll wait for Iuni U3 of course, the price will be the key to my decision.

    • Ec-blaster

      Surely, it’ll have the same GPS problems, they never fixed it and don’t seem interested at all. Just wait and see…

  • nicodon

    if the Zopo zp999 Camera and app is better with night shots I may buy it but if its has the same as the zp998 i will not. And I hope they update the audio in headphones and speakers as well.

    • Seth Alpine

      Need 4k recording in h265 too…

  • JailbreakJunk

    I think it is to high priced!,. I’m a Xiaomi user and if I compare the zopo ZP999 with other avaialbe smartphones in that same price range I dont think the public will go for it!. Specially not the online buyers like me, but at Ibuygou, Minideal, Oppomart… imagine what you could buy for 399,00 euro.

    • Simon

      Which Xiaomi do you have ?

  • njren

    I’ll admit Zopo has some stones to first draw comparisons to the MX4 and now to price their phone identically. Of course, some folks in China will buy it, but cross shopping a 32GB ZP999 with a 32GB MX4? I just don’t see it.

  • It doesn’t matter how much better a Skoda Superb is than an Audi A4, it’s still a Skoda.
    At least this is reflected in their pricing.
    So how to jump the ranks… bring out something amazing (market leading) and well priced.
    This is not that product. Start a new Zopo premium brand?

    • balcobomber25

      I would buy a Skoda Yeti over any SUV on the market.

    • Wrong.

      A Skoda Superb is actually an Audi A6 chassis with updated styling…

      Zopo ZP998 is more like a Skoda Octavia RS (Audi A4 chassis) from 2010…while the ZP999 is the very same old crappy car with a new VAG turbo engine.


      • Wrong 🙂
        Latest Superb has the ‘same’ Audi A4 chassis.
        Granted not the latest gen as the current A4, but the current MQB is larger and heavier and debatable as to quite how an improvement.
        I guess you understood my point though about value and image.

  • Damian Brathwaite

    maybe we can buy parts for the zp999 and upgrade the zp998??? If the price is right I will look into upgrading it’s parts.

  • The Chosen One

    I am a zopo user and i haven’t really had the problems experienced by others. I currently have the ZP998 which i got in april and the only issue i encountered was battery longevity which has since been resolved with the latest OTA update they sent out.
    Would I buy the ZP999? No!
    Why? To me it makes no sense upgrading now when, in 6mths or less I am sure Zopo would have a newly designed flagship thats going to be a 64bit 4G device.
    Then i’ll do the same and wait for the 3rd or 4th production run before purchasing.

  • dntpw

    Zopo is getting premium prices…. I still use a C2 Platinum, there was never any update, so I rooted it… however the soft keys staying invisible is a permanent problem…. so unless they have improved updates, sofftkeys and .. a super large battery, no, I won’t buy…. (even not a Qualcomm 801 for that price….). Competition has moved forward, in China and elsewhere… (Moto, OnePlus, HTC, Meizu, i-Ocean and many more…(

  • Owsley_66

    Looking for any of these Chinese phones that will support 4G in the U.S., but none of them do so far. Question: How much does it cost to get a phone into the U.S.?

    • balcobomber25

      Most of them don’t support 4G but do support 3G+ in the US.

      For the price it depends on where you order it from and how soon you want it. On most sites if you use DHL/UPS it can cost anywhere from $20-50 and you will usually get it within a 1-2 weeks. It all varies tho based on which site you order from and where their warehouse is located.

      • Owsley_66

        What I meant is how much would it cost Zopo to bring a 4G capable phone into the U.S. market so that it’s available to the masses. One plus brought their phone into the U.S. market and if you order one it comes from a warehouse in California, I think. I would like to see Meizu or Xiaomi do this. Zopo has set up shop all over Asia and Europe but not the U.S. so their ZP999 might be a great phone but it won’t support 4G in the U.S. so it’s no good for me.

        • balcobomber25

          The problem is the masses don’t know much about Zopo (or other top Chinese brands) to choose them over a Samsung, LG, HTC etc. They often don’t include US 4G capable modems because sales in the US are negligible and wouldn’t justify the costs associated with it.

  • WeskerRazer

    too expensive for chinese zoppo phone, for that price i can get a brand quality phone and i don’t need 3 gb of ram in phone.

  • Stavros G

    Standar edition not with FDD-LTE?

  • yasin

    5.5inch with 2700mah seems a bit low, i don’t think that Oppo is on the same level as

    Meizu or Xiami.

  • Prashant

    It has replaceable battery and SD card slot for which i can dump any Nexus and iPhone, anyways using ZP998 while everything is working in it for more than a year so quality wise ZOPO is fine.

  • John Wilson

    why almost all the re-sellers selling it in $399.99, the digitaltrends.com said it will cost around $320 without a contract. only several sites such as firstgrabber.com selling it in $399 and for free shipping. the official price is $419…

  • Андрей Ковтун

    Первый русский обзор – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yofJHA4tHoU

  • George Anemos

    I own a Mazda CX-7 that “eats” VW cars for breakfast…

    • balcobomber25