Tronsmart T2000 EZcast dongle, a feature rich Chromecast alternative?

tronsmart t2000

Tronsmart have turned their attention away from Android TV boxes, to produce their very own Chromecast alternative.

Android smartphone makers are constantly jostling for position, but in other Chinese Android markets there only tends to be a few manufacturers worth taking notice of. If it’s home based Android fun through your TV, Tronsmart are one of the companies you should look at.

We have already been impressed with their Android TV boxes, but what if you don’t need all the features of an Android box, and all you really need is a Chromcast alternative?

The Tronsmart T2000, like Google’s own Chromecast, is a simple USB dongle that plugs in to your HD TV and acts as a bridge between your smartphone/tablet and your TV. Tronsmart have loaded the $40 dongle with technology including Miracast/Airplay and DLNA which basally means you can take any supported Android or iOS device and stream media, photos, and games directly to your TV.

Set up is easy, simply plug it in to the HDMI out on your TV and use a USB plug to power it and away you go. The small USB design allows the Tronsmart T2000 to be hidden out of sight, but also means that hardware isn’t quite up to the performance of the full size Android boxes. With a 500mhz processor and 256mb RAM video is limited to just 1080 rather than the 4K beasts we have started to see.

tronsmart t2000 comparions

What do you think of the Tronsmart T2000 EZcast? Would you like to see more coverage of Android TV boxes?

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