UMi Zero unboxing photos reveal ‘Z’case

umi zero unboxing

Early unboxing photos of the UMi Zero reveal a new ‘Z’ clip on protective case.

UMi have taken the interesting initiative to ship their new UMi Zero phone with a protective Silver case in the shape of a ‘Z’.

The ‘Z’ case was spotted in early unboxing photos taken by online E-seller Efox. The ‘Z’ case is an interesting solution to the problem of protecting your phone without spoiling the overall look of the device.

The top and bottom edges of the letter still proved impact protection to the corners of the phone in the event of it being dropped, while the sides are left exposed so you can still see the alloy body beneath.

UMi Zero Unboxing


Holes for the speaker, LED flash and 13 mega-pixel F1.8 Sony camera have been cut in to the material, which could either by a highly polished alloy or silver plastic.

We think it looks great, but not sure if we would actually every use it. What do you think of the UMi Zero ‘Z’ case?

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