First photos of the Elephone TV Box, function over form?

elephone tv box

Elephone’s first step in to the living room is the launch of the very interesting and rather unique Elephone TV Box with built-in security camera. Here are the first real photos of the home media/security device.

With a fully packed Android phone market, smartphone makers are quickly realising that they need to expand and diversify their range to ensure they stay afloat. We have already witnessed this with Elephone with the release of a smart bracelet, not they are looking past the wrist.

Android home media centres are nothing new, and generally these pieces of hardware are simply black boxes which sit near your TV bringing smartphone Android features to your HD TV.

The Elephone TV Box does this also, but in addition to the regular Android features like streaming video and media, web browsing, gaming etc, the Elephone device also has a built-in camera. The idea being you can use the device as a security camera, and with the included app you can even receive an alert if movement is detached at home.

These photos show the white cylinder for the first time. We can see the top mounted power button and also the pop up security camera, while the rear of the device as space for 4 X USB, Ethernet, HDMI out, Micro SD and optical cable.

Elephone TV Box Photos

Design wise the Elephone TV Box looks like the latest incarnation of the Mac Pro, if it had been painted white and had a terrible looking sticker plastered across the front.

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Pricing is just $79.99 through select online resellers for the Elephone TV Box. Is this a device you would happily place in your living room or is the design letting downs the overall features?

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