This is the Xiaomi gamepad!

xiaomi gamepad

Xiaomi Mi Box owners and Mi TV owners who want to enjoy a little gaming are now finally able to as the Xiaomi Gamepad begins shipping to lucky customers in China.

Xiaomi’s gradual push in to new markets has seen the company become a major player in the phone market, and has seen them make waves in the tablets market and even in the living room.

Now that China has opened up the doors and lifted the game console ban, the Beijing phone maker has decided to launch a new accessory which converts existing Xiaomi TV and Mi Box systems in to Android game consoles.

The Xiaomi Gamepad is very similar to an Xbox controller or 3rd party PC gamepad. The accessory features dual analogue sticks, a direction pad and action button to the right and on the shoulders.

Xiaomi have only shipped the Gamepad to early, lucky, customers in China at a special low price. As usual anyone outside of China will have to wait for the device to go in to full production before resellers are able to offer them for sale.

Xiaomi Gamepad photos

With the winter drawing closer I quite fancy spending a few hours in front of a game, so might try the Xiaomi Gamepad out. Are any of you interested in also buying this gaming accessory?

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