Flyme 4.0.2I for Meizu MX4 brings important updates and Google Play

meizu mx4 flyme 4.0.2I

Meizu have rolled out an update to the Meizu MX4 in the form of Flyme 4.0.2I including some nice tweaks and, most importantly, Google Play support built-in!

After press got their hands on Meizu MX4 Samples after the launch of the phone, some fans became worried with the lack of built-in Google Play services. Installing Google Play on the original Flyme 4 ROM was a simple process (simply install a Google Installer APK) but this is now no longer needed with the updated version of Flyme 4.0.2I.

As well as bringing Google Play services and the Play store to the MX4, the update also fixes a few little bugs, and has tweaked a few functions for better user experience.

Now from the black lock screen, quick wake gestures work, so you can either swipe from the left to open the app which you have set up to open, or swiping from the right to open the camera. The swipe up from the home button to unlock the phone is also a lot more accurate.

A but that we had noticed with the proximity sensor when unlocking has also been tweaked so that it now effects the phone less, and now there is the added feature to override it by tapping the volume control.

Other features include the addition of 25 new languages, overall smoother and snappier experience and a much faster camera.

Screenshots Flyme 4.0.2I for Meizu MX4

We will continue to test Flyme 4.0.02I to see what other changes have been made.

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