Give your TCL Idol OneTouch 2 an Android L makeover with Android L Mod

Android moder Duca, has created a custom Android ROM for the TCL Idol 2 OneTouch smartphone giving the quad-core phone an Android L makeover.

Android L is the next incarnation of Android which Google announced during IO. Although Android L isn’t currently shipping on phones, but beta versions of the ROM along with certain parts of the new ROM’s interface have been made public allowing developers to produce great custom ROMs and apps.

Android developer Duca is one such talented dev who has created an Android L Mod for the popular Alcatel Idol 2 and TCL Idol 2 smartphone. Installing the ROM is no walk in the park and will require you to ROOT your phone and install touch recovery, but once complete your phone will have a great looking Android L style ROM.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 Android L Mod Screenshots

Duca has posted the screenshots for the ROM along with download links and instructions on how to install Android L Mod over on

We would love to hear from anyone who gets the chance to install and run the ROM for themselves, but please remember doing so incorrectly could damage your phone.

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