UMi release final specifications of their UMi Zero smartphone

umi zero final specs

Although we have seen most of the specs from leaks and our sources, today UMi have finally officially posted the specifications of their “Superbody” UMi Zero smartphone.

The UMi Zero is a big deal for UMi. In the past this Chinese phone maker have had a bit of a roller coaster ride from sitting pretty with the UMi X2, to issues with fake distributors destroying their reputation.

UMi have survived though and are hoping to rise from the ashes once again with the help of the all new UMi Zero. On the face of things the Zero is a very compelling device with a 2.0Ghz octacore processor, 2GB RAM, Android 4.4, Super Amoled display and F1.8 Sony main camera, but the lack of 4G LTE and a high price tag are issues we’re not sure customers can ignore.

UMi Zero Specifications

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From the official specs the phone looks like a winner, well if would had it been launched earlier in the year. As it stands the phone is still a great looking device, especially at 6.4mm with a 2780mAh battery, but with LTE missing and a $299 USD international price tag, the cost of the glass and alloy phone might be hard to stomach.

If we had been in charge of the Zero we might have dropped the Super AMOLED display in favour for a standard 1920 x 1080 unit and used the spare change to either add a Mediatek MT6290 LTE modem or a new MT6595 or MT6732 chipset.

What do you think of the UMi Zero, and how well do you think this flagship smartphone is going to sell?

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