Affordable Huawei Honor 4X 64Bit Snapdragon phone spotted

Affordable Huawei Honor 4X 64Bit Snapdragon phone spotted

huawei honor 4x

The Huawei Honor range is expanding once again this time with the introduction of the new Huawei Honor 4X LTE phone.

One of the biggest surprises of this year is just how well Huawei have done with their Honor range of devices. Designed to be their weapon in the fight against Xiaomi, the Huawei Honor phones have been both impressive, and well priced, shocking the tech world.

As the brand matures so do the products and now we are seeing a constant flow of really great smartphones designed with a multitude of great features while remanning competitively priced.

Spotted over at TENAA this morning is the Huawei Honor Che1-CL20, which we believe will be officially known as the Huawei Honor 4X. The official specs state the phone is a 1.2Ghz device with LTE support for FDD and TD networks, meaning a Snapdragon 64Bit processor is likely huddled inside. If you’re not yet on an LTE data plan then don’t worry as the phone will also support TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA and GSM networks.

It’s great to see that Huawei are being sensible with the specs as we have 2GB RAM on board (this should really be the norm for all phones by now), SD card memory expansion, Android 4.4 Kitkat, 5 mega-pixel front camera, 13 mega-pixel rear and a 5.5-inch 720p HD display.

Huawei Honor 4X TENAA

Huawei haven’t officially released the phone yet, so we can only make a guess at the list price being around 800 Yuan.

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  • Volkerball

    To fight against Xiaomi Huawei at least should update frimware of phones. Lenovo or Huawei can have same price and charachteristics as Xiaomi phones, but when you buy Xiaomi phones you at least know that they will not stop update firmware 2-3 month passed after release.

    • trapchan


      • mfmx

        Lenovo are 10 times better at software updates compared to Xiaomi, even Huawei is better.

        • trapchan

          oh really?? aren’t most of their phone still stuck on Jelly Beans??

          • mfmx

            Certainly not, check

            Lenovo still updates old phones such as S820, S920, P780 etc, they all have Kitkat since more than six months and they still get updates almost every week. Much better than for example Sony who never updated Xperia C which has the same SoC as S820 and S920.

            The only phones that have 4.3 (instead of 4.4) are the Qualcomm Snapdragon-phones that are custom to China (dual-SIM and/or TD-LTE). Which is very funny since people think Mediatek are so bad, but actually Qualcomm are worse. Mediatek has released Kitkat drivers for all their modern chipsets, so it’s just the manufacturers fault if they don’t update.

            • trapchan

              actually I was referring to Huawei (It’s an article about Huawei phone) and I don’t really know about Lenovo. That’s a news to me. I just don’t really like Lenovo’s design language, maybe too curvy / rounded like old HTCs. Make them looks like generic cheap phone.

            • mfmx

              Huawei is better than Xiaomi with updates, especially considering how many more phones Huawei put out each year. All new phones are 4.4 (except some with 4.3 because of Qualcomm, see above…) and all the “important” phones are updated frequently. Then I don’t think Huawei are perfect with updates, but still better than Xiaomi. Most of their phones are updated to 4.4, but some are marked as “development versions”. When the Honor 3X was new there was a new update every week fixing actual bugs.

              Also, something to consider (for European customers at least) is that Huawei knows how to make phones that work properly in Europe, something other manufacturers aren’t that good with. For example Hongmi 1S doesn’t work properly in Europe (or India):

            • trapchan

              I will believe what you said after Honor 3C, this 4x or their current P (6/7) series updated to Lollipop.

            • mfmx

              Hongmi Note still runs 4.2, enough said… (and it’s not the fault of MediaTek, only Xiaomi is to blame)

              Hongmi 1S has a very serious bug that still hasn’t been fixed. Fixing bugs like that is much more important than having the version number show the latest and hippest version.

              So I really don’t think Xiaomi is better than Huawei, quite the contrary. And they are both far behind Lenovo.

              EDIT: And you should get your history straight. Huawei released Honor 2 in November 2012 with ICS, then they upgraded it to 4.1 JB and later to 4.2. And the latest update is from a few months ago (although not of the Android version).

            • trapchan

              I thought our discussions already finished. I don’t know what you meant with serious bug. All I know is Redmi 1S has bad hardware design / implementation. Doesn’t matter what you did with the software, it won’t make it better. But the fact is, Xiaomi is still trying their best to workaround it. They still give updates. And they still updates ALL their phone, while other brands only updates their Flagship phones.

              Redmi Note and 1S will eventually get KitKat.

            • trapchan
            • mfmx

              Misleading to post that news on Gizchina since the Chinese Mate 2 already has kitkat…

              I compare Xiaomi (China) with Huawei (China) and Lenovo (China). If Huawei USA make some bad decision then that’s too bad but doesn’t matter for the comparison.

              In this particular case I think the problem is that the USA version has different hardware than the Chinese one.

            • kitkatsucks

              correct, my s920 got an ota update to kitkat, after which the screen regularly blanks out. a battery pull fixes this for 20 mins. after a owngrade the probemm persisted so they will replace the pcb which is out of stock, been t it for 3 months now… got an asus zenphone 4 as a replacement while being fixed, same thing happeed, upgrade to kitkat, probems all over… google kit kat problem, many phones have issue with kitkat…

            • mfmx

              My Lenovo K910 worked just fine for six months with Kitkat (until I bricked it but that’s something else…)

  • Guaire

    Looks like another 1000 yuan phablet. It would be a surprise to me if it would that cheap and will be a blow to Xiaomi.

    It’s uglier than Honor 3x, and frontal and side designs reminds me Redmi Note.

  • Parth

    Some branded companies are not realizing that the less the price, the more there will be a tendency to change to new models and technology. High price restricts new purchase. Nokia got a blow as they charged very high for very low graded phones which people quickly realized from internet use. Android must advance to Dictation software also because men like me wants the phone for Office dictation, receiving calls doing internet, for music/videos/games/photograph as well as TV. Huawei is well in the race but they must strive hard to a 64 bit with Kirin 630. Two gadgets, one for better reading while in vehicles and one on the go will be the need of the time. This is what I felt while travelling and while at home or office and nothing more than 10 inches.. Microsoft and Intel is too costly though their gadgets support dictation but they do not support LTE. Microsoft even charges separately for their Office and that too on the high side. AMD is lagging behind with 32nm factor. A Mini Computer is what we want and on the go and too change models with time. So, price is a factor.