Top 5 best cases for the Meizu MX4

meizu MX4 review

The Meizu MX4 might still be a little tricky to get your hands on, but cases for the Mediatek MT6595 powered phone are easily available and in a number of styles.

From metal to leather, flip to metal case, there are tons of great Meizu MX4 cases to choose from. Here are our top 5 cases for the Meizu MX4 so far.

1. Meizu MX4 Viken Phone Leather flip case

viken mx4

Meizu don’t offer a leather rear panel to the MX4 as standard, but that doesn’t stop you from adding a little luxury to your phone with the Viken phone case. The clever flip cover attaches to the rear of the MX4, to protect the rear panel and glass screen and even doubles as a stand for watching movies.

2. Meizu MX4 Benwis Case

benwis mx4

If you are like me then you won’t want to add to the size of your phone by adding a bulky cover. In this case the Meizu MX4 Benwis case might be the slim protective case for your. Slipping directly over the rear of the MX4, the case has the feel of metal and comes in a variety of colours.

3. Meizu MX4 protective metal frame

meizu metal frame blue

Ever been described as “clumsy” or a “butter fingers”? If so then this metal frame for the Meizu MX4 is the one for you. The metal frame slips around the outside edge of the MX4 and features buttons to you can easily control your phone from inside its shield.

4. Meizu MX4 Msvii Removable metal cover

meizu metal frame

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Perhaps you need a little bit more protection for your phone? Maybe you’re a skydiver, lion wrestler or professional bomb swallower? The sleek ultralight aviation alloy frame of the Msvii MX4 cover adds a scratch proof layer to your phone.

5. Meizu MX4 ieco transparent case.

meizu ieco

This ultra thin transparent case measures just 0.6mm thick and is treated with a non-slip, anti fingerprint coating to keep your phone smudge free. The German made material also features a pattern to bring stylish highlights to the rear of the Meizu MX4.

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