First real spy photos of the worlds thinnest smartphone

vivo x5 max

First spy photos show us what Vivo’s X5 Max looks like in the flesh!

When buying a phone I have to admit that the thickness never really plays apart in the decision. Sure the overall width and length mean a lot to me, but I don’t mind a chunky phone especially when it means I get a larger battery.

There are obviously fans of thin phones though as Oppo, Gionee, and Vivo are all competing with one another to produce the worlds thinnest. Oppo current have the title with the R5, but it Vivo are ready to snatch it away with the Vivo X5 Max.

vivo x5 max

The X5 Max is a 4.75mm phone which is believed to have a 1.7Ghz 64bit, processor, 2GB RAM, LTE and 1080 display. Not surprisingly the size of the battery hasn’t been hinted at and we don’t expect that Vivo can manage anything much larger than 2000mAh (same as the Oppo R5).

Is thin at the top of your feature list when buying a smartphone?

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