Purported leaked photo of the Huawei Ascend P8


Huawei are having great success with their Ascend P7 so it’s no surprise that a Huawei Ascend P8 is in the making, but so early?!

A leaked image today shows what Chinese media claims to be part of the Huawei Ascend P8. According to sources the new phone will have a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 display with a 2.5d curved edge (similar to the IUNI U3).

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Chances are Huawei will be powering the new phone with their latest process. The Kirin 930 is an octacore chip built on a 16nm architecture. The final slice of the rumour is the materials suggested for its build which include metal and ceramic.

No news on a launch date but CES 2015 seems likely.

[ GizChina.it via MyDrivers ]
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  1. HerOld
    November 17, 2014

    The picture shows us the back of the good old Ascend D1 XL and about
    16nm architecture in the beginning of 2015 – lol.

    • Faux-News
      November 17, 2014

      lol you finally cracked that mystery.

  2. Guaire
    November 17, 2014

    That photo seems to me doesn’t belong to supposed P8. I can say it seems made from plastic, body is thick and camera in the middle despite the Ascend P series’ design language.

    According to previous leaks P8 scheduled to launch on CES 2015. This alleged leak also shows bunch of other Huawei devices scheduled to end of 2015.

    I did lost the original source but you can check it from table on below.


    P6 released June 2013,

    P6S released January 2014,

    P7 released June 2014.

    So, no surprise here releasing new handset for P series. But why P8 instead of P7S?

    P series always was much behind from flagships.

    P6 had their homegrown K3V2 SoC which manufactured 40nm -while competitors came with 28nm- had Vivante GPU which had drivers issues. Also came with already old Cortex-A9 cores.

    P6S came with K3V2E, which switch over Mali-450 GPU. They did get over driver issues but Mali-450 was old. Also still had 40nm Cortex-A9.

    With P7 finally they came with 28nm process but still Cortex-A9’s and Mali-450 both were old, power hungry and not a good performer for current generation. Didn’t suit at all for a flagship, especially very slim one, consequently have had limited battery capacity.

    If they trying to present P series as their flagship, they have to do much better job. That cause dictates much better SoC, instead of mere upgrade from P7’s Kirin 910.

    Even Kirin 92x series which utilized on Honor 6 and Mate 7 isn’t enough for that job IMO. Even thats used newer and much better performer Cortex-A15’s and Mali-T628 it was still behind current high-end device requirements.

    It’s time for a flagship device utilized 64-bit Cortex-A57’s and Mali-T760 (if they decided continue to got their GPU licences from ARM), like what exactly Samsung did with their Exynos 5433, or they can choose PowerVR GX series GPU like Apple did. Both will be enough for reaching the top notch performance goal. Supposedly it’s the goal.

    They could continue with older Mali-T628, though is not bad, but not so good either.

    I’m not sure for them had 16nm FinFET(ish) process that early. (Actually early rumors called it HiFET instead of FinFET and it’s developed especially for them by Huawei and TSMC jointly.) Exynos 5433, Snapdragon 805 and Apple A8 came with 20nm HKMG. Snapdragon 810 will come with that too. If they manage to do that would be a really BIG news.

    Ceramic isn’t a new material for Huawei. Remember they used it on P7 Sapphire Edition’s back. Some transparent ceramics called ALON nearly strong as Sapphire and cheaper. Don’t get me wrong I don’t say it used on P7 Sapphire Edition. As well I know nobody knows what kind of ceramic it was.

    P8 could be really impressive or not (again), it’s up to them.

    One last thing, they’d implemented -might Toshiba’s- dual camera module on their new Honor 6X. It could perfectly suits slim P series, if they chose it for P8 too.


    • Faux-News
      November 17, 2014

      Very interesting table.

      Honor 5 & 5x, the upgrade of the budget low and mid range Honor 4/4x series.

      Honor 7 & 7x, upgrades of budget high spec Honor 6/6x.

      P8 and Mate8.

      And the most interesting one, the D series is back (and rumors of Mate series and D series combining not true), with the D8 releasing mid next year with a unique Kirin 950 chipset. My suspicions say that it is most likely the 950 that would be 64bit. The release date fits well. Snapdragon 810 phones releasing first quarter 2015, and Huawei releases its own close by. The price tag also makes it clear it will be the flagship of Huawei for 2015.

      The Kirin 930 on the other hand could be just another variant of Kirin 920, because we already have the Kirin 925 on Mate 7 and Kirin 928 on the Honor 6 extreme addition. So Kirin 930 might not be a big upgrade over them. The Kirin 950 on the other hand sounds just about right for all that specs you say about the upcoming chip.

      • Guaire
        November 17, 2014

        Honor 5 and 5x seems to me successors of 3c and 3x Play, despite their numbers. They have same price tag.

        Honor 4x will be replace with standard 3x.

        Seems you got the fact better than me about D8’s being their flagship. If they will not mess with Kirin 950 looks like it will be a beast.

        You could be right about Kirin 930, but don’t discard it to easly. They may surprise us, hopefully. Qualcomm stalled Snapdragon 810 so much. Other vendors don’t have to wait for Qualcomm.

        Samsung released Exynos 5433 before them, but seems purposely don’t support 64-bit for sake of Note 4 with Snapdragon 805. It would cause huge difference between them. I don’t know whether or not it’s possible but maybe with Android 5.0 update Exynos 5433 could get 64-bit support.

        Mediatek’s MT6795 will be released next month. It’s not clear but two facts indicates it will have Cortex-A57 cores. Firstly, their roadmap show it as MT6595’s succesor and for high-end category. Second, they already has MT6752 with Cortex-A53 cores up to 2GHz, it could be a bit meaningles while two of them being that close, presenting one of them for high-end, while other for mid-range.

        • Faux-News
          November 18, 2014

          On second thought what you say might also be the case that Kirin 930 will have also the 64bit chip. Firstly because by next year, not having a 64bit will be seen a huge negative review, and with Mate 8 (also having the same kirin 930) releasing august of 2015 and yet without a 64bit chip would be a bad move. Second to note is that both Mate 8 and P8 (as well as the Honor 7/7x) will be having the same chip also means that they are going to be having the same power next year, and different from the case of P7 being a mid range chip compared to that on the Mate 7 and Honor 6. So your right P8 will be this time coming with a more high end flagship level chip, and that makes more sense that a higher price P8 would be having as good power as the budget beast Honor 7. And by p8 using some premium build quality it can stand on its own and justify the price tag.

          • Zami
            November 20, 2014

            I am confused .
            Firstly , The Ascend D8 comes out earlier then Mate 8 with a Kirin 950 processor then why they will use a Kirin 930 in Mate 8 .
            They will like to make the Mate 8 as high end as possible with Kirin 950.
            And does someone has any reliable news on Ascend P8 .
            I mean its camera , chip , CPU , GPU and battery .

  3. ufg
    November 17, 2014

    The picture is of my Ascend D1 Quad, which I have right here. Definitely not the P8·

  4. November 20, 2014

    I guess to be equipped with area-type fingerprint scanner on the front of the home button Ascend P8.