Vivo X5 Max confirmed to have 3.5mm headphone jack

vivo x5 max

Strange that a standard component for any smartphone is making headlines but the way the shift to thin phone continues that’s exactly what’s happening!

There are certain parts that every smartphone should come with. A screen of course for all that touch screen action, camera’s for those Kodak moments, decent processor and RAM and of course a 3.5mm head phone jack. Of all the components a basic headphone jack is one of the oldest, and cheapest but with a shift to thin phones we have already seen some devices dump the features.

Last year there was the ultra thin Umeox phone which lacked a headphone jack, and just a few weeks ago Oppo launched the Oppo R5. It’s a strange move for a company that has made a name for itself making audio hardware (headphones, amplifiers, MP3) to ditch the features but still…

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Vivo, another name known for Hifi are also shifting to thin phones with the upcoming Vivo X5 Max measuring just 4.75mm, thankfully though the X5 does retain its 3.5mm headphone jack. The detail was revealed on the Vivo Facebook page which showed a teaser image of the thin phone.

Vivo are believed to be releasing the Vivo X5 Max next month alongside a new phone which will take over from Vivo Xplay 3S as the flagship device.

What are your feelings on ultra thin phones? Is there are market for them or are manufacturers running our of ideas?

[ Vivo Facebook ]
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  1. November 17, 2014

    Launching a smartphone today without a headphone jack is like asking for a DOA voucher. If they must build such scrawny phones that will likely bend in your pockets, then at least include a 1.5 mm headphone jack.