Zopo 3X: Zopo rename their flagship and offer it for $100 less with 16GB memory

zopo 3x

Zopo have given their updated and renamed flagship Zopo ZP999 another new name, less memory and lower price to make it the most affordable MT6595 phone on sale.

Previously Zopo announced their updated Zopo ZP999 Lion Heart as a $399 alternative to the Meizu MX4 with more ram, larger display, removable battery, and lower price. Now they have given it a new name and an even lower price tag of just $299!

Looking over the hardware it seems that all Zopo have done to reduce the cost by $100 is give the phone a new name, Zopo X3, and just 16GB internal memory instead of 32GB. To make matters more confusing there was already a low-cost version of the ZP999 that was for China Mobile TD LTE only but that had 2GB RAM, the X3 has 3GB RAM.

To recap the Zopo X3 has an octacore MT6595M processor, 3GB RAM, 16GB memory, 5.5-inch 1080 display, and 14 mega-pixel camera. As long as the firmware isn’t buggy like it was in the past it sounds like a good deal to us.

Hat tip to Skanjos over on the GizChina.com forums for finding this.

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