Meizu MX4 Pro launched here are the full specifications!

Meizu MX4 Pro launched here are the full specifications!

meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

Today was the day many of us had been waiting for, the launch of the Meizu MX4 Pro, here are the complete specifications and hands on photos.

To launch so late in the year and behind their main rivals in China, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei etc, is a risk. Not only does the Meizu flagship have to out do those phones already on the market, but also next years replacements (the Oppo Find 9 must only be a few months away), and we think the MX4 Pro has what it takes to keep fighting well in to next year.

meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

Meizu have once again gone for a different choice in processor than many tech gurus would have expected. The Samsung Exyno 5430 octacore chipset in the Meizu MX4 Pro is a huge improvement over the chip in the Meizu MX3, Meizu claim the GPU performance is up to 130% better for example, however many fans were hoping for the newer, more powerful Exyno 5433 found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We’re not sure why Meizu took this step, although it surely cost less, but we are confident the processor will handle that new ultra-high resolution without to much of a worry. We’ll post some benchmarks later, but as we all know by now its the real world testing where things really matter.

meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

The Meizu MX4 Pro is slightly larger than the MX4, with a bigger 5.5-inch display and thicker 2.8mm screen bezels but the overall width is only 77mm, pretty impressive for a 5.5-inch phone. The screen takes up 76.5% of the front of the MX4 Pro which is only slightly less than the MX4.

meizu mx4 pro

A higher resolution panel, 2560 x 1536, has the MX4 Pro ahead of most of the current flagship phones on the market and boasts an impressive pixel density of 546ppi. The new panel uses NEGA negative LCD with an LED backlight to help keep battery drain down while optimising visibility. Panel Self Refresh (PSR) also helps to keep battery consumption to a minimum.

meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

Speaking of battery life, Meizu have wisely gone for a larger 3350mAh battery. Meizu are claiming a day and half of battery life from the MX4 Pro with LTE, we will soon find out if that is accurate. LTE is compatible with FDD-LTE and TD-LTE. There is also 3G and GSM too, but we are waiting to see which bands and frequencies.

The extra width of the MX4 Pro allows room for the larger battery, and also helps to squeeze in the new home button/fingerprint scanner combo and a whole host of exciting audio equipment.

meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

Starting with the security on the MX4 Pro, Meizu have developed the new MX Touch system which compromises of a sapphire glass protected home button with stainless steel bezel and fingerprint scanner. Pressing the home button brings the fingerprint scanner to life. The MX4 Pro will decide if you are the owner of the phone in around 500 milliseconds. To ensure that your data is kept safe Meizu say that the whole system is encrypted and store in ARM TrustZone safe zones.


As you can tell from the teaser images and theme of the MX4 Pro launch, the Meizu MX4 boasts plenty of impressive audio hardware. An OPA1612 operation amplifier has been built-in to the MX4 Pro to maximise dyanamic range with utralow distortion and a high slew rate. Linked to that is an ESS 9018 DAC chip which should please even the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

Other improvements include a new 5 mega-pixel front camera to compliment Flyme 4.0’s very clever beautification feature, with F2.2 aperture and pixel size of 1.4 μm, and RAM has been updated to 3GB RAM to ensure everything runs smoothly even when when multi-tasking.

The rest of the hardware remains similar to the MX4 with FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, WCDMA, GSM support, dual band WIFI, 20.7 mega-pixel Sony rear camera, Flyme 4.0 based on Android 4.4.4 and a choice of 3 colours.

The MX4 Pro will come with either 16GB or 32GB internal memory at a retail price of 2499 Yuan. International release details have not been annouced.


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  • Remus

    Have you tried the fingerprint sensor? Is it as good as the one in Huawei Mate 7?

    • Adrian Lim

      unlocks fast. but it does take a while around 8-10 taps for the initial setup to scan and save a new finger. (Max of 5) but after that its all sweet, tap and go in any direction.

  • Daniel Romero

    Big question here :

    ¿ Any improvments on the 20.7 Mp Camenra? ¿ OIS ? ¿ F2.0/1.8?

    Thanks Andy for keeping us informed !

    • Linutor

      He already said the rear camera is the same as the MX4.

    • njren

      New ISP, sapphire glass cover…same sensor, though.

      • amirexpressir

        although same sensor,,but proccess’s ability of handling camera capability, could make a difference..lets wait for review or ” mx4 VS mx4 pro”

  • mf1gt3r

    Speaking of world’s first. Have you heard of Estar Takee 1? Claimed to be the world’s first holographic smartphone. Here’s a link.

    • Just had a look at the phone and can’t help but wonder what’s holographic about the phone. As far as I can tell, it’s just another Mediatek MT6592T smartphone.

      No biggie about it and the price tag is outrageously ridiculous. No one will buy it.

    • Cuerex

      it’s the same as amazon firephone’s dynamic perspective.. nothing hologram here.
      it’s pseudo 3D and works only if you move your head like a pigeon

  • I’m gonna hold back for now. Will consider this when the price reduces. Not now when it’s still so hot out of the oven.

  • NightSurfer

    I cant tell from the images if this has a metal back cover

  • mf1gt3r

    Pardon me Andi for using this medium. I just received a 64gb sandstone black invite. But was heartbroken as oneplus doesn’t ship to Nigeria. If you need the invite pls pm me @ [email protected]. open to everyone, just make sure they ship to your country.

    • Yes me too. Got an email alert on my Yahoo mail and upon checking it, i saw the one plus invite for the 64GB sandstone black but no shipping to Nigeria. I was completely flabbergasted and the invite expires in 24 hours. Even if I accept the invite, the phone will only be reserved for me for 24 hours only. Too bad.

      Doe anyone need the invite? Holla at me @ [email protected] and it’s all your for the asking.

      • Faux-News

        sell the invite on ebay -__-

        • Wow can I really do that and for how much do you think it can go for?

        • EBay is stupid. I created a listing for the OnePlus One invite and now they’ve suspended my account indefinitely.

          Crazy huh … And they didn’t give me the reason why they suspended my account except that there was a suspicious activity … Whatever they meant by that.

          • Mesterio

            Hello Mike do you still have it?

            • Yes Mesterio, I still have the invite. Are you interested in having it?

            • Mesterio

              I was but got stuck in a meeting :(. Sorry

            • It’s OK. But the invite have gone.

      • MAHOGANY

        You can use a forwarding address in USA or UK. Simple.

  • Flabby

    Does it have expandable storage? I’m still using Meizu MX 4-core and 32gb internal memory is just not enough for my FLAC songs. What I’m excited about with MX4 is the ESS9018 DAC and the op-amp for Hi-fi music 🙂

    • njren

      No expandable storage….same 16, 32, 64GB options as on the MX4.

  • Gilles

    Hi Andi,
    Do you know if Meizu has improved the MX4 pro camera (compared to the MX4)?

    • njren

      New ISP, sapphire glass cover, same sensor as MX4.

      • Miko

        I think the sapphire glass cover is for the fingerprint scanner. The rare camera according to the article is still the same… only the front changed.

  • realjjj

    The tools ruined it with the fingerprint sensor.Making the same moronic mistakes as Apple and Samsung is not cool.

  • Mo

    I feel as if the 5430 was a weak choice for there main flagship

    Should have been 5433 or 6795

    Meizu seem to know this and kept the price of the phone relitivly low I guess

    • klesan4ev

      I feel you will complain even if it was possible that Intel I7 was the CPU…

      • Mo

        no its just this is there premium flagship of the year you would expect the latest soc

        • klesan4ev

          No I wouldn’t! Even Samsung made their premium chip to work on 32 bit only. So until Snapdragon 810 is out I don’t care if it is A53 or A15 if it still is 32 Bit. So no drama here! The GPU will do good I have no doubt. And I prefer this CPU and lower price than Note 4 price and its CPU

  • t3k1lla


    Two questions : removable battery or not? And dual or single sim?

    Thank you

    • njren

      Non-removable battery, single SIM.

  • Mark

    Complete specs? I must have missed where it said what the gpu model is..

    • Miko

      Mali-T628 MP6 GPU
      The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has really good benchmarks with this GPU but don’t forget that it’s a 720p screen…


    If this phone has an Apple logo on it, Sales would be sky high. My point is, this is a very well designed phone.

  • Miko

    Beautiful phone. I wait to see the price for the pre-orders in Russia and your review/benchmarks here in the site. The more I look at it the more I get used the idea of this button and since I haven’t bought the normal version yet… who knows!
    Please hurry up with the review!!!!

  • njren

    Meizu has always launched “so late in the year”. The main thing with the Pro is that Meizu held the price to 2499 for the base 16GB version and 2699 for the 32GB version. That’s outstanding for what you’re getting. With the audio hardware alone, only Vivo competes, but at a much higher price. They’re going to sell truckloads of these in China and it will be interesting to know how many sales will come from people upgrading so soon from the MX4. Might be a lot of MX4s hitting the secondhand markets.

  • Nemesis

    In the video below address test Hauwei Ascend Mate7 (1st area-type fingerprint on Android) and Oppo N3 (2nd) seems Fingerprint faster than Meizu MX4 Pro (3rd). Of course, MX4 Pro also seems to unlock quick

    • Mo

      Seems to unlock pretty fast

  • Cuerex

    WHY DID THEY ABANDON THEIR CIRCLE, it was the only thing which made it not look like a total samsung/iphone ripoff

    • Mo

      agree the circle seemed to suite more, but they probably done it so it doesnt look like a iphone, as the designs are similar

      • Cuerex

        i lost complete interest in that phone due of that loss or the minimalistic circle, it was this tiny aesthetic which made it unique looking

        • klesan4ev

          Circle or rectangular, I dont care! Take my money Meizu!

  • Mo

    i must say i do feel ripped off from buying the normal mx4, as for a 60gbp more would have given me a extra gig of ram + the 2k screen finger print sensor. regret buying the mx4 now ……………..

    • Miko

      I understand your “sadness” but can i ask you how you feel so far after using the standard MX4?
      I’m considering buying it (or the pro) and I always look for people that own this phone to give me reviews 🙂

      • Mo

        the phone is brilliant, fast responsive, great screen, battery lasts a day from average use with 4g, full brightness and music.

        i had a one plus one originally but sold it and got the MX4, (meizu design and phone size and screen won me over)

        i had a bit of doubt as i saw it had a mtk 6595 soc and felt as though it would not stand against the snapdragon 801, but this phone proved me wrong, i honestly dont even feel the difference. put in performance mode(1 of 3 different setting for power managment) this phone is super fast.

        compared to the oneplus plus its just as fast and handles apps just as good
        graphics and playing games is ALOT better then the old mtk 6592 SoC, on the meizu im playing games with no lags.

        meizu release alot of updates for this phone fixing bugs and addressing issues people have.

        one in a while apps do freeze up and the phone becomes unresponsive (very rare)

        unfortunately to say i feel the MX4 has heating issues, the phone its self gets hot from watching hi res movies, or from constant multi tasking, switching between games and apps or writing emails at the same time whist other apps are open(i mean the phone gets really hot). the only time the phone temperature feels good and cool is when im doing basic things, like texting or calling or playing not graphicly demanding games, which to a average person is about 60% of the time. this is the only bad thing i can truly say about the phone.

        overall i love it, the design is just a work of art, the phone size in my hand is good. screen size is amazing and it feels like a wide 5inch device to me.

        and honestly writing this made me forget about the pro already ahahahaha 🙂 hope i helped your insight on the phone.

        • Miko

          hahaha thanks a lot. 🙂
          I consider buying the standard version too since my portofolio is not as big for the 32 GB pro version 🙂
          I think i will go for the 32 GB normal version. I was expecting the heating issues as aluminium device means that you will feel the heat more than a plastic phone but I also heard that it gets cooled off fast after being heated.
          In any case, thanks again for your big review, really appriciated and yes you also made me kinda forget about the pro… at least maybe until the review from Andi

    • Guaire

      Don’t be. You will hardly notice any difference on display sharpness if you notice ever. It will be slower, uglier, bulkier and more power hungrier than standard MX4.

      You can live with 2GB RAM and without fingerprint scanner.

      • Mo

        yeh your right, but meizu have given the pro a f***ing good price 😛

  • vhd

    stupid square shape home button, really ugly! like samsung phones, i hate that

  • Sere83

    Yeah, just as I suspected might happen this is disappointing. The buttons shape just doesn’t fit with the Meizu design aesthetic at all. This shape button always looks bland and cheap on Samsung phones, so why they emulated it I do not know. A better choice would have been a circular shape on the rear. Strange choice as well considering meizus attention to detail is usually on point. Also, to put a cpu with such an old GPU in a flagship as well seems a bit of a bizarre choice considering what competitors are putting out. And at over 9mm thick, this again seems weak if Meizu really want to compete with the next generation of phones from the likes of apple, oppo, vivo, sony etc which are all significantly slimmer.

    • Adrian Lim

      i would trade for a 1-2mm thicker phone any day if it would mean additional mAh for my battery.

  • Mo

    any news on the nubia launch which was supposto be today also to compete with the release of the pro ?

    • njren

      Snapdragon 801, dual SIM, 5.5″ 2560×1440 screen, 13MP camera with OIS, AKM 4961 DAC, 32GB, price is 3456 RMB.

      • Mo

        What’s it called?

  • cthulhuz

    Is the back made of aluminum?

    • Miko

      I don’t think so mate. I think the build is made just like the normal mx4.

    • Faux-News

      some aircraft grade material

    • Adrian Lim

      The back is made from high quality plastic, only the frame and chassy is Aircraft grade aluminum

  • desponent

    -called pro
    -doesn’t have sd slot


  • balcobomber25

    With a such small battery you will be lucky to get 7 hours with that screen. I had the original Nubia Z7 with the 2k screen (was a pre-production unit given to me buy a supplier) one of the biggest gripes I had with it was how much that 2k screen killed the battery. I was lucky to get 8-10 hours of normal use. Playing games cut that in half.

    • joe

      Sell it to me if you don’t want it. $350

    • desponent

      Yeah. 2K screen on a phone is actually a dealbreaker for me too.

    • njren

      Meizu claims the screen uses 5% more juice than the standard MX4 screen. Add in 20nm process CPU and a fair-sized battery; why not wait for some tests before passing judgment? 310,000+ pre-orders on seems to indicate a fair number of people are impressed to this point.

  • CC

    My question is does the phone work on t-mobile USA on LTE? if so I want one.

    • njren

      It doesn’t look good. The exact 3G and 4G bands aren’t spelled out yet on Meizu’s website, but the language is the same as for the standard MX4: “5 network types, 13 frequency bands”. Based on the standard MX4, nothing for T-Mobile among those, I’m afraid.

  • Nemesis

    Add to that joke! Meizu MX4 Pro is a two-touch login to begin with, and at every login, it seems to be an error or other problem with the mismatch … See the film at 1.50 min, and at 3.0 min … She says empty mismatch at the 3 min and 4 sec … I can guarantee that she will not have wet fingers even … Reliability issues?

  • Jeeva Gopal

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