Top 8 Wearables for this Christmas

geak watch 2

What better way to fill the stocking of a tech addict that with one of these great wearable devices. Here are 8 wearable smart devices you can choose from right now.

China has embraced the smartwatch, fitness hand and wearable revolution, and now manufacturers are offering unique, function and affordable smart devices you can buy right now. Here are 10 of the best to choose from.

Xiaomi Mi Band

xiaomi mi band review

The Xiaomi Mi Band is the wearable that I am wearing as I type this list, and the one which I have worn nonstop for the past 2 months. It might not be the most feature packed, and it might not have a display, but it more than makes up for that by boasting incredible battery life, and a great fit.

The Mi Band is so popular that Xiaomi are claiming that more than 1 million have been sold since launch, and judging by the number of people I have seen wearing them I truly believe it. The Mi Band can be yours for around $20 online.

No.1 G2

no1 g2

No.1 have taken their no how for reproducing popular designs and applied it to a new wearable which the company are calling the No.1 G2. This smart watch is more similar to you traditional smartwatch with an LCD Gorilla Glass display and even powered by a Mediatek chipset.

The wearable is built in to a metal body with built-in camera and comfy rubber wrist strap. Specs also include a pedometer, heart rate monitor and music controls.

Elephone W1

elephone w1

Personally I think the Elephone W1 is a terrible looking wearable, but others have told me that it’s a fantastic looking bracelet. If unlike me you do find the W1 attractive then you will be happy to know that the bracelet styled wearable comes in silver or gold and features a simple LED display.

Powered by a Mediatek chip, the W1 connects to smartphones via Bluetooth bringing notification and keeping tabs of your fitness all on your wrist.

U Watch U8 Pro

uwatch u8 pro

At less than $40, the U8 is one of the most affordable smartwatches here, yet it features a touch display and waterproof metal body. The device is designed for to work with Android devices running Android 2.3 or higher and can even hook up to an iOS running phone.

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Like other smartwatches on this list, the major features of the U Watch U8 Pro are fitness tracking, call answering , music control and of course telling the time.

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Omate X

omate x

If you are looking to push the boat out with a more premium looking and quality made device then the Omate X is one possible option. The Omate X is the second wearable from the Chinese based wearable maker, and easily one of the best designed smart watches from China today.

The Omate X isn’t a standalone device like the Truesmart was, so you will need to connect the X to your smartphone. Once connected you will have access to notifications, messages and phone controls splashed across the 1.54-inch 240 x 240 display.

Weloop Tommy

tommy android watch

The Weloop Tommy is one of those smartwatches which a lot of potential and if you are the type of person who likes fettle and hack around with their devices then this could make a nice project.

As we discovered in our review, the Weloop Tommy offers nice hardware and great battery life thanks to the basic display, and with the right firmware this could be a great wearable.

Geak Watch 2

geak watch 2

This is the next smartwatch I plan to buy. The Geak watch 2 is a much more luxurious and better designed device over the original Geak watch which the China based start up released a few years ago.

Again Geak have chosen to create a device which runs a highly customised version of Android and will even allow you to download your favourite apps directly to the watch (although compatibility will be limited). The watch has a round face and various strap and colour options are available to suit your style.

Pricing for the basic model in China is 1999 Yuan while the Pro version is 2499 Yuan.

inWatch Z

inwatch z

If your idea of a smartwatch is a device which replaces your current Android phone, then the inWatch Z is the watch to fit the bill. Powered by a dual core Mediatek MT6752 chipset (the very same SoC which powered flagship phones just a few years ago) the Z has support for GSM network support allowing you to make calls directly from the watch face.

1GB RAM means most simple apps can run well on the 1.63-inch display and you can even snap photos with the built-in 5 mega-pixel camera.

Are you planning to buy a wearable this Christmas? Which device do you think you will end up buying?

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  1. Don Rogers
    November 26, 2014

    I already bought the Elephone wearable before this review was published, mainly because it looks like an ordinary watch and not to large. Hope I bought the right one.

  2. ferdi
    November 26, 2014

    If i am using bluetooth headphones..can i aso connect a watch at the same time to android?! Im sure i set files from my laptop to my phone before while the headphones were also connected to the phone, but not sure it will work with the wtach/headphones. and my phone battery will be crushed by bluetooth!

  3. kumar
    December 2, 2014

    xiaomi mi band..will it works with other Android devices.. or only with Xiaomi mobile ?

    • Maciek Buczkowski
      December 3, 2014

      It works with other Android devices, but unlock feature works only with Xiaomi.

      • kumar
        December 3, 2014

        thank you very much.. i least bother about unlock feature. So can you please tell me what apps i need to use for this band. Thanks.

        • Maciek Buczkowski
          December 3, 2014

          miband apk

      • VOIDsama
        December 17, 2014

        The unlock works from my sony z3 compact, but its a feature of the phone. maybe other phones can do that feature as well.

  4. December 4, 2014

    Do not care so much for non-Android wear stuff that’s square too.
    I do have a miiband on its way, just out of curiosity. Currently using the LG Watch R and Santa is bringing the Moto 360 with metal pebble band as well. That’s my top three picks of wearables.

  5. Nycko Heimberg
    December 10, 2014

    Where is the U-Watch u10 ?

  6. Alexandr Slobodchikov
    March 9, 2015

    Let me introduce my brand new app for Android Wear – Watch phone.
    This is just another dialer but with perfect design recognized by many users.
    Proof on xda-developers:
    Link on Google Play:
    Thank you for attention!