Manta X7 smartphone replaces buttons with “smart bezels”

manta x7

Low cost and high specs were once enough to win in the smartphone market, now it is originality and innovation, two features the new Manta X7 have loads of.

Manta are marketing their new, and first, smart device as the “smartphone from tomorrow”. So what exactly does the smartphone of tomorrow, or a self-proclaimed future phone offer that a phone of today does not? Well Manta believe in the future smartphones will come buttonless, and have created a device with a smart bezel.

The smart bezel system give the sides, left, right (in gold) house touch sensors for turning the phone on and off and adjusting the volume. An onscreen ‘hot thumb’ area is designed to read gestures from your thumb to bring up widgets such as a mini phone dialer.

So far the teasers have only revealed these details and we are still unsure what other features of tomorrow, or what the hardware of the phone will include, although we are fairly sure this will be a Mediatek device.

Designs of the phone are features in the teasers, which show a similar silhouette to the Nexus 4 with a polished alloy rear panel. The Manta X7 should be available in China later this month.

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