Xiaomi launching 50,000 Redmi Note in India, at the same time OnePlus launch

redmi note

OnePlus are officially entering the Indian market tomorrow, but at least 50,000 possible fans are going to be looking else where.

Xiaomi have gone from being the plucky underdog which we all rooted for, to becoming a giant player content on world mobile domination. As the company have grown their tactics have changed, and it is becoming all too common for Xiaomi to blatantly attack rival brands.

Tomorrow is a good example of Xiaomi picking on a rival phone maker, as it plans to release 50,000 Xiaomi Redmi Note to Indian phone buyers on the same day that OnePlus will officially launch the OnePlus One in the country.

It’s not to be surprised really and it makes solid marketing sense to do so, but as we have seen in China, Xiaomi’s dramatic change is creating a lot of unhappy and vocal fans on social media sites. What Xiaomi don’t need now is an international backlash.

Do you think this will effect the OnePlus launch in India? Are Xiaomi really that worried? Or is this just all part of the marketing game?

[ 91mobiles ]
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